Melon Hong Kong

Next week, I’m jetting off to Hong Kong to attend the Melon Hong Kong Festival, a new event to discuss Chinese and Western science fiction. Alongside myself there will be US writers like Charlie Jane Anders, and there will be a lot of Chinese writers, some of whom – like Xia Jia and Stanley Chan – I was fortunate enough to publish. You can see the full list of participants, and the line-up of the event, at the site. Taking place over two days, the first is an industry conference, where I will be speaking on World SF, and the second is a public one-day convention, where I will be attending a panel of the international writers. There will also be a signing event, so if you’re in Hong Kong and want a book, drop by!



My Hebrew story שירה (Shira) is published today in both its Hebrew original and the English translation in Samovar, a new magazine for translated speculative fiction.

You can read it in Hebrew or English.

The story was originally published by editor Nir Yaniv at the Israeli SFF Society website, and then, in its English translation, in Ellen Datlow’s anthology The Del Rey Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

The translation is my own.

The poems quoted are mostly taken from my Hebrew poetry collection, שאריות מאלהים (Remnants of God) – a rare book if ever there was one! Though copies do crop up every now and then…

Of my Hebrew fiction, this is one of my favourites, and I’m delighted to see it appear again!

Deepcon 18

I will be Guest of Honour at this year’s Deepcon 18 in Italy. I’m told I should already start dieting in preparation!  The convention takes place in the small town of Fiuggi – the artist Michelangelo apparently spoke very highly of taking the water there, though I am told he won’t be attending.

This is my first appearance in Italy, though hopefully not the last – Osama came out in Italy in 2013 (as Wanted) and A Man Lies Dreaming came out last year (as Wolf) and was nominated for the Rome Prize, and I have a new novel coming out in Italy in the near future from Mondadori.

Hooray! This is the first of several international events I’m doing this year, and it’s lovely to be visiting Italy again after too many years. I once spent a memorable night sleeping rough in a Rome train station… so having an actual bed will likely make a change!