The signed limited edition of Osama is now available!

Osama, released recently by PS Publishing, comes in three states. There’s a kindle edition (or, if you don’t like Amazon, a regular epub edition); there’s a hardcover edition; and then, there’s the super-limited, signed, dust-jacketed edition, which is now available!

It’s a bit pricey, for sure – the kindle edition is just £7.28 (or £6.99 if you buy direct from PS), while the limited edition is £39.99. However, there were only 100 copies produced of the limited edition, all of them signed on a special limitation sheet, and they’re just gorgeous. If you like fine-press books – the high quality paper, the gorgeous design, the very rarity of this book-as-object-d’art (which, yes, I’m a sucker for!), then this edition might be worth checking out. It would also make my publishers happy…

Note that PS also still have the signed, jacketed editions of Cloud Permutations and Gorel & The Pot-Bellied God for sale! Both are also limited to just 100 copies each, and they’re equally gorgeous (and, at £24.99, also cheaper!).