“Under The Eaves” in Robots: The Recent A.I.

Rich Horton and Sean Wallace’s Robots: The Recent A.I. will feature my story “Under The Eaves”, from the Central Station cycle (of which the first one to be published, The Smell of Orange Groves, was picked up for two Year’s Bests anthologies so far). It appears to be the only original in the collection. I was delighted to see the editors picked up Rochita Loenen-Ruiz’s “Alternate Girl’s Expatriate Life”, from Interzone, which will be the opening story in my forthcoming anthology The Apex Book of World SF 2. Rochita is a wonderful writer, and deserves to be widely reprinted. Let’s hope for more stories from her soon!

Meanwhile, here’s the complete ToC:

“Tideline” by Elizabeth Bear, Asimov’s
“A Jar of Goodwill” by Tobias S. Buckell, Clarkesworld Magazine
“Balancing Accounts” by James Cambias, F&SF
“The Rising Waters” by Benjamin Crowell, Strange Horizons
“The Shipmaker” by Aliette De Bodard, Interzone
“I, Robot” by Cory Doctorow, The Infinite Matrix
“Kiss Me Twice” by Mary Robinette Kowal, Asimov’s
“Algorithms for Love” by Ken Liu, Strange Horizons
“Alternate Girl’s Expatriate Life” by Rochita Loenen-Ruiz, Interzone
“The Djinn’s Wife” by Ian McDonald, Asimov’s
“Houses” by Mark Pantoja, Lightspeed Magazine
“Artifice and Intelligence” by Tim Pratt, Strange Horizons
“Stalker” by Robert Reed, Asimov’s
“Droplet” by Benjamin Rosenbaum, F&SF
“Eros, Philia, Agape” by Rachel Swirsky, Tor.com
“Under the Eaves” by Lavie Tidhar, original
“Silently and Very Fast” by Catherynne M.Valente, WSFA Press / Clarkesworld
“The Nearest Thing” by Genevieve Valentine, Lightspeed Magazine


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  1. Really nice idea for an anthology, and such a shame that it’s mostly reprints – I’ve actually read the large proportion of these stories, because I still read Interzone, and I read most of those online markets too. I’ll still get it, because NEW LAVIE and it’s a cool concept. And they’ve managed a good gender balance too…

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