Year’s End

It’s been a long year! I’m kind of looking forward to a new one.

This year I published 2 novels, 2 novellas, and 17 short stories. I’m not counting translations, reprints or podcasts. The story I’m most proud of was “The Projected Girl” in Ellen Datlow’s Naked City. The story that got picked up for a couple of the Year’s Bests anthologies, however, was The Smell of Orange Groves, from Clarkesworld. I also, for the first time, self-published 2 short stories – The School, and Enter The Dragon. Later, Enter Another, both on my blog.

Self-publishing was an interesting experiment, with “The School” being very successful (in terms of number of hits, and donations) and “Dragon”, while less successful in those terms, was nevertheless picked up by Wikileaks on their facebook and twitter accounts, which was nice. I probably won’t be in a hurry to repeat the experiment, but at the same time, finding a willing market for more “political” stories is becoming harder and harder. I suppose it will depend on the story.

There is also a more immediate satisfaction with just publishing a story on the blog. And it’s not like I’m short of stories…

Anyhow. The year’s end summary!



Both very noir-influenced – Camera Obscura is my blacksploitation kung-fu novel (and the second steampunk novel in The Bookman Histories), while Osama is my big literary noir possibly-alternate-history novel about terrorism.



Two light-hearted (I think!) novellas – Gorel & The Pot-Bellied God is a sex-and-violence guns-and-sorcery novella while Jesus & The Eightfold Path is a kung fu retelling of the New Testament – both have a serious undertone, I think, while still being, I hope, fun.

Short Stories

Enter The Dragon. Later, Enter Another – self-published, December 2011

Red Dawn: A Chow Mein Western – Fantasy Magazine, November 2011

“The Last Osama” – Interzone, November 2011

“The Lives And Deaths of Che Guevara” – Solaris Rising, ed. Ian Whates, Solaris Books, November 2011

The Smell of Orange GrovesClarkesworld Magazine, November 2011

Passage Daily Science Fiction, August 2011

“The River Came; Fragmented Recall” – End of an Aeon, ed. Marti McKenna and Bridget McKenna, August 2011.

“The Projected Girl” – Naked City, ed. Ellen Datlow, July 2011.

The School – self-published, June 2011

The Three Laws of ZombieDaily Science Fiction, June 2011

“Military Secrets of the Zionist Enemy” – this appeared v. briefly, in Chizine, June 2011. No longer available, and I’ll probably just run it on my site to keep it online. It’s another one of those weird political stories no one really wanted to touch.

“In The Season of the Mango Rains” – Interzone, June 2011.

A Map of the World on the Shell of a SnailOnirismes, May 2011.

“The Were-Wizard of Oz” – Beware The Night, ed. Ekaterina Sedia, Prime Books, April 2011.

The Ambiguity Clock – Daily Science Fiction, April 2011.

The Hubbard Continuum – Redstone SF, March 2011.

The Junk Artist – Daily Science Fiction, January 2011.