World Literature Today on Osama

World Literature Review, the magazine of international literature and culture, has reviewed not only Osama, but also my two novellas from PS publishing, Gorel & The Pot-Bellied God and Cloud Permutations:

Osama is both a thriller and a beautifully crafted, serious novel. Tidhar has a gift for lyrical, sensory description laced with pitch-perfect similes and metaphors. Here his style is overtly cinematic: jump cuts, freeze-frames, and allusions to film noir, especially Casablanca (1942), all highlight questions about the nature of perceived reality. Using the distancing effects of genre—alternate-history science fiction and Chandleresque detective fiction—Tidar forces us to see our world anew, to question notions we might otherwise take, on faith or through inattention, as true. His focus is terrorism, the war on terror, and what both have done and are doing to us.

All three of these beautifully produced books are worth your attention. But Osama is exceptional. Compelling, confrontational, and surprisingly moving, it is one of the best novels yet on terror in our times. – read the full review!