Story sale: “The Indignity of Rain” to Interzone

This blog’s a bit quiet recently… I’ve been toying with some political posts but can’t get the energy to write them. I’m mostly working on a novel at the moment (or, well, three, to be honest), so it’s taking up a fair bit of time.

Anyway, one of those novel projects in the “mosaic” novel Central Station, which I talked about a little before.  It’s made up of stories that add up to a unified narrative. Or that’s the idea anyway! The first of those stories to be published was The Smell of Orange Groves in Clarkesworld (and in a couple of the Year’s Bests anthologies), and the second was “Under the Eaves” in Robots: The Recent A.I.

A third one, “The Lord of Discarded Things” is forthcoming in Strange Horizons.

I’m glad to say the fourth to be picked up – but the first of the series, chronologically – “The Indignity of Rain” – has just been picked up by Interzone magazine, possibly for the very next issue. I love Interzone, and I still get a real kick every time I have a story there!

I’m very excited by the Central Station project, which is slowly edging towards completion. Now if only I could do a cook book!


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