New Short Story: The Rush of the Wind and the Roar of the Engines, and the Call of the Open Road

My latest short story, The Rush of the Wind and the Roar of the Engines, and the Call of the Open Road, is now up at Daily Science Fiction!


Coming lower through the atmosphere one is greeted by a planetary-wide continental mass shining with countless neon signs and highway lights. The planet is crisscrossed by the interlocking and interweaving network of eight- and sixteen- and thirty-two-lane highways, dark tarmac lines like a Maori tattoo. Come lower, but be careful of the traffic in the skies–strange unfathomable machines from the Dawn of Time, from humanity’s careless youth!

There–an F-4 Phantom! There–an Eagle F-15! There the majestic Concorde rises, there a Jump Jet, there the F-16 Fighting Falcon!

You watch in the awe of religious fervor as these creatures soar through the air of Hasbro. Below, amidst the giant highways, lie the ports of the air, citywide assemblages of garages and landing strips and fueling points, the homes of these flying creatures.

But most of the planet is highway, the Way, in the old tongues of Earth. The Way of Hasbro. See them roar! See the Great Old Metal Ones on this, the shrine planet.

Dotted amidst and alongside the highways are petrol stations, temples for the visitors of the human worlds. Always the pilgrims come. The pilgrimage never stops. In ferries from the Earth worlds they come across space, to see and to worship and to seek counsel and wisdom. They come to marvel at these beings, these creatures, to hear that which is the most precious sound in all the universe.


Can you hear it?

Descending lower, lower still. The Great Old Metal Ones roar across the open Ways, transforming. Sssshhh…

It is the sound of the engines, the sound of freedom, the sound of the world back when the world was young, and we were young together with it. – read the full story.