Central Station update

I’ve been working on Central Station for a while now. This is my first attempt at a mosaic novel. Yesterday I sold “Crabapple” to Daily Science Fiction, making it the seventh Central Station story sold individually. The full novel will be, well, novel sized (80,000-90,000 words). I’m hoping I manage to finish it in the next month or two.

The current published or due-to-be-published Central Station stories are:

  • “The Indignity of Rain” – published in Interzone
  • “Under the Eaves” – published in Robots: The Recent A.I.
  • “Robotnik” – due in Dark Faith II
  • “The Smell of Orange Groves” – published in Clarkesworld
  • “Crabapple” – due in Daily Science Fiction
  • “The Lord of Discarded Things” – due in Strange Horizons
  • Strigoi” – due in the next issue of Interzone

This has been an interesting experience so far!