How To Promote Your Book on the Internet

… armed only with a bikini, a hula hoop and a review from the Financial Times!

So help me, dear readers – who would you like to see sing the novel’s praises next? The nun, or the guy who juggles chainsaws?

Osama: The Novel. Out in paperback October 11!


5 thoughts on “How To Promote Your Book on the Internet

  1. I have a confession to make. My income right now is…. shall we say “sparse”. It was between “Osama” and A.J. Hartley’s Macbeth. This totally did it for me man. I just purchased your book today and Hartley has to wait ’til Macbeth goes to bargain.

    MY VOTE on the next video: Screw the freak circus man, get this girl in some giraffe ears, tail and bikini that ensembles well man.

    This chick rocks!!! God bless her.

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