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Unidentified Funny Objects cover and table of contents

Editor Alex Shvartsman has posted the table of contents for new anthology Unidentified Funny Objects, a collection of humorous (hopefully!) science fiction and fantasy. It includes my story “Moon Landing”.

Table of Contents:

  • “El and Al vs. Himmler’s Hideous Horde from Hell” by Mike Resnick
  • “The Alchemist’s Children” by Nathaniel Lee
  • “Moon Landing” by Lavie Tidhar
  • “Fight Finale from the Near Future” by James Beamon
  • “Love Thy Neighbors” by Ken Liu
  • “The Alien Invasion As Seen In The Twitter Stream of @dweebless” by Jake Kerr”
  • “Dreaming Harry” by Stephanie Burgis
  • “The Last Dragon Slayer” by Chuck Rothman
  • “The Real Thing” by Don Sakers
  • “2001 Revisited via 1969″ by Bruce Golden
  • “The Working Stiff” by Matt Mikalatos
  • “Temporal Shimmies” by Jennifer Pelland
  • “One-Hand Tantra” by Ferrett Steinmetz
  • “Of Mat and Math” by Anatoly Belilovsky
  • “Timber!” by Scott Almes
  • “Go Karts of the Gods” by Michael Kurland
  • “No Silver Lining” by Zach Shephard
  • “If You Act Now” by Sergey Lukyanenko
  • “My Kingdom for a Horse” by Stephen D. Rogers
  • “First Date” by Jamie Lackey
  • “All I Want for Christmas” by Siobhan Gallagher
  • “Venus of Willendorf” by Deborah Walker
  • “An Unchanted Sword” by Jeff Stehman
  • “The Day They Repossessed my Zombies” by K.G. Jewell
  • “The Fifty One Suitors of Princess Jamatpie” by Leah Cypess
  • “The Secret Life of Sleeping Beauty” by Charity Tahmaseb
  • “The Velveteen Golem” by David Sklar
  • “The Worm’s Eye View” by Jody Lynn Nye
  • “Cake from Mars” by Marko Kloos
 Web content:
  • “The Ogre King and the Piemaker” by Tarl Kudrick – September
  • “You Bet” by Alex Shvartsman – October
  • “Mr. Terwilliger Confesses” by Amanda C. Davis – November
  • “Demonology for Nerds” by Andrew F. Rey – December
  • “A Midnight Carnival at Sunset” by Terra LeMay – January
  • “Morte Cousine” by Kara Dalkey – February

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