“The Myriad Dangers” in Futuredaze

Sometimes you write a story and there is nowhere to send it, and you wait and, if you’re lucky, something perfect comes along.

This was the case with “The Myriad Dangers”, about a boy in Tel Aviv facing successive waves of alien invasions (aliens; simulacra; zombies; vampires, carnivorous plants) on Rosh Hashana. Along came Futuredaze: An Anthology of YA Science Fiction, a copy of which just dropped through my letter box. Check it out!

The aliens came marching down the street, like ants, or Israeli Defence Force soldiers. They marched in lines and their hands moved in rhythm but they didn’t make a sound. The whole city seemed to be asleep, its defence systems down, its awareness diminished, a whole city dreaming, restlessly, of other white cities, and coolness, and matzo ball soup.


One thought on ““The Myriad Dangers” in Futuredaze

  1. Lavie, your story is wonderful! I’m so glad you sent it to us.

    It also got reviewed by Tangent Online: Lavie Tidhar’s “The Myriad Dangers” is a hilarious, clever story about a boy discovering the world around him. Danny observes as various clichéd dangers descend on his life, beginning with an alien invasion. To say more would spoil it, so my lips are sealed.

    🙂 http://www.tangentonline.com/print–other-reviewsmenu-263/anthologies-reviewsmenu-107/2051-futuredaze-an-anthology-of-ya-science-fiction

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