Get a special e-book edition of Jesus & The Eightfold Path!

There are 5 days to go on our World SF Travel Fund fundraiser, and we’re 94% of the way there! Though if we can go over that, it would be even better!

So to thanks anyone, and encourage more donations, we’ve added a new reward for everyone. Every donation will receive not just a whole heap of e-books but also, as a thank you, a special e-book edition copy of my novella Jesus & The Eightfold Path. This novella was only available as a limited edition hardcover, and the e-book edition is only being offered as part of this promotion. So there’s no other way to get it at the moment!

Here’s the cover – my thanks to Sean Wallace for e-book formatting, Sherin Nicole for the titling, and cover artist Melissa Gay for donating the use of her artwork. Click here to donate and get some cool rewards!

Jesus and the Eightfold Path limited e-book edition