BSFA Award!

Was very surprised – and pleased! – last night to find out I won the BSFA Award for Best Non-Fiction, for my work on the World SF Blog.

The blog’s fiction editor, Sarah Newton, was on hand at the awards ceremony to accept on my behalf. I wrote a short speech:

We started the World SF Blog four years ago, in order to have a conversation: a conversation about science fiction and about diversity, a conversation we felt it was important to have. I’d like to thank Charles Tan, for being there from the very start; our former fiction editor, Debbie Moorhouse, and present fiction editor Sarah Newton(don’t blush, Sarah!). And I’d like to thanks Jason Sizemore, of Apex Books, for believing in this project from the very beginning.

I have seen a lot of changes in genre fiction in the past four years, a greater awareness to do with representation, and a strong and vigorous discussion of assumptions only a few years ago no one thought to question.

I am delighted I’ve been able to contribute to that discussion, in whatever minor capacity, and very grateful to the members of this convention for recognising us in this way.

Thank you.

And here’s Sarah with the award! Which I will hopefully be picking up in person later this week.

BSFA Award

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