Adventure Rocketship & Launch

Adventure Rocketship is a new series of magazine-in-anthology form from Jonathan Wright (who interviewed me for SFX last year). It’s done as a very tasteful 1950s style paperback, and the first issue, Let’s All Go To The Science Fiction Disco, is a really interesting look at the intersection of science fiction and music. It includes my story “Between the Notes”, about the musicians who die young (and a particular homage to my favourite Israeli musician, Inbal Perlmuter, who died tragically young at the age of 26).

It also has stories from Liz Williams, Tim Maughan and Martin Millar, interviews with China Mieville and Mick Farren, and articles by Jon Courtenay Grimwood and others (including my editor at Hodder, Anne C. Perry, on the music of Ladyhawke!).

Adventure Rocketship

We’ll be launching the anthology on Thursday, 16 May, at 6pm, Forbidden Planet Megastore, London! So come along!

You can pre-order a signed copy here, or you can buy a copy here, or from Amazon.

And here’s Inbal Perlmuter and The Witches: