Recent Blurbs #1: Aliya Whiteley’s Witchcraft in the Harem

I sometimes get asked to blurb a book, that is, write a short sentence or paragraph recommending it, to be used on the back of the book. I take my cue from the great blurb artiste Gary Shteyngart, who does it with joy, almost compulsively, and as an art in its own right; and so it should be.

But I thought it might be nice to go beyond the mere act of blurbing and to actually write a few words here on the blog. And so, this may become a semi-regular thing; or not. I’m currently deep into a new novel, and it’s a dark and lonely place and filled mostly with Nazis. And so there will be few updates for a while.

Instead, why not try –

The Book: Witchcraft in the Harem

The Author: Aliya Whiteley

The Blurb:

The experience of reading this collection is like being waterboarded by an angel. Shocking, heartbreaking and laugh-out-loud funny, this is some of the best writing I’ve ever seen. If you like Aimee Bender or Etgar Keret, you will love Witchcraft in the Harem.

Love it because: Just read 1926 in Brazilian Football, which is disgusting, funny, sad and profound. Then go and buy the book so you could read the rest of the stories.