Closing Down the World SF Blog

This is just a quick note, really, to say that after four years, the World SF Blog is ceasing operations and will remain online as an archive and, hopefully, a useful resource for anyone interested in international speculative fiction.

I talk more about it here.

I’ve been planning to do this for some time – I was, in fact, aiming for February (the site’s fourth anniversary) but then they gave me a couple of awards for it, which was very inconvenient!

I kept this low-profile, but have been prepping the site over the past week with front page summary posts, as a large number of hits for the site continue to come from Internet searches for specific topics, and I expect will continue as such.

Note that the World SF Travel Fund continues to operate independently (this year’s recipients are Rochita Loenen-Ruiz from the Philippines and Csilla Kleinheincz from Hungary, who will both be travelling to the World Fantasy Convention in Brighton in November), and that The Apex Book of World SF 3 has been delivered to the publisher and is currently scheduled for next year.

It’s been fun!

2 replies on “Closing Down the World SF Blog”

Thanks for four years of the blog — it’s all been great, and I’m going to miss the seeing the links, essays, and original pieces hit my RSS reader (although you’ve introduced me to enough new writers that I’ll probably still have more than enough bloggy reading material). I’m glad you kept it up past February, too. I particularly enjoyed the Hugo commentary, the global economy piece, and the wonderful short story Sanditon.

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