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The Violent Century!

The cover has been unveiled:

The Violent Century


Some blurbs!

“A brilliantly etched phantasmagoric reconfiguring of that most sizzling of eras—the twilight 20th.” – James Ellroy

“If Nietzche had written an X-Men storyline whilst high on mescaline, it might have read something like VIOLENT CENTURY.” – Adam Roberts

“An alternative history tour-de-force. Epic, intense and authentic. Lavie Tidhar reboots the 20th century with spies and superheroes battling for mastery – and the results are electric.” – Tom Harper

And a couple of early reviews yesterday:

“Could keep anyone, regardless of the types of stories they regularly enjoy, interested and engaged. Tidhar has created a book that oozes excellence in both characterisation and storytelling.” – The Huffington Post.

“The Violent Century is what you’d get if Cormac McCarthy wrote a mash-up of Watchmen and Casablanca.” – J For Jetpack.

And you can pre-order the hardcover on Amazon for only £12.53.