A Man Lies Dreaming Best of 2014 Selections

A Man Lies Dreaming is currently on a couple of year’s bests lists: it’s been picked by the Guardian (which previously reviewed it, calling it, in part, “a twisted masterpiece”) for their list of best SF novels of 2014, and also by the Scotland Herald for their list of best crime novels of 2014, saying:

Pushing hard at the boundaries of genre, daring us to classify it neatly, Lavie Tidhar’s A Man Lies Dreaming (Hodder and Stoughton, £18.99) reimagines Adolf Hitler as a deposed dictator forced to work as a private investigator on the mean streets of 1930s London. But as the book progresses we realise that the man called Wolf only exists in the mind of a Jewish writer imprisoned in Auschwitz. It’s bold, often brilliant, and avoids the pitfalls one might expect before crossing into the territory of speculative writers such as Philip K Dick.