A Man Lies Dreaming limited edition+Original Novella

The limited edition of A Man Lies Dreaming is now available for pre-order, and should be out very soon.

Besides being a gorgeously designed and produced piece of book art in its own right – thanks to my long-time designer Pedro Marques, who really pulled out all the stops! – this comes packed with bonus material, including:

  • Poster reproductions for Tangier and Re-Elect Mosley, by artist Sarah Anne Langton
  • The mini-comic A Man Named Wolf, with art by Neil Struthers
  • Short story “304, Adolf Hitler Strasse” (a sort of early origin story)
  • An unfinished novella fragment, set some 3 years later in Hollywood

But if that’s not all, I’m delighted to say this is not one but two books, the second being the never before seen novella Lust of the Swastika, by the pulp author “Sebastian Bruce”, with a long introduction by me. This awful and notorious work is best described as an early ‘stalag’ novel, and should be read with caution.

Lust of the Swastika includes original cover art by Paul McCaffrey (inside) as well as new cover and endpapers by Pedro Marques.

You can currently get the set here for a reduced price of £49.

A Man Lies Dreaming, limited edition, 2015

Lust of the Swastika, PS Publishing 2015