2015 in Publishing

I didn’t have much published this year, relatively speaking, but here is what I did manage to put out.


I didn’t have a new novel out this year in the UK, but The Violent Century came out in the US in February (and in Japan at the same time). And Chinese and Polish editions are forthcoming.

A Man Lies Dreaming came out in paperback in the UK in March. Round the corner, the Italian edition is due around January, the US edition in March, and there’s also a Czech edition in the works, and I’ve just signed another translation deal for the book. The limited edition came out just recently too, a two-volume signed slipcased edition packed with bonus stuff.


It was lovely to get a Jerwood Fiction Uncovered Prize for A Man Lies Dreaming in June, which was completely unexpected. The novel’s currently on the longlist for the International Dublin Literary Award (my second time on the longlist in two years). It was also shortlisted for a British Fantasy Award, and my collection, Black Gods Kiss, was nominated for the same award in the best collection category.


Quite a busy year on that front. After editing the first 3 volumes, I became Series Editor for the Apex Book of World SF 4, edited by Mahvesh Murad. I was very happy with the final result, which also gave us a chance to revamp the series with new covers by Sarah Anne Langton, and to offer an omnibus package of all four volumes. The new volume is not only performing well, but has bumped up the previous volumes, and I think we’re on track to (hopefully!) do a 5th volume sometime in the next couple of years.

Meanwhile, Rebecca Levene and I edited Jews vs Zombies and Jews vs Aliens, two small anthologies in aid of charity. These came out as e-book originals to begin with, but you can now get the snazzy omnibus paperback edition.


Lust of the Swastika, a parody of the sort of ‘stalag’ novels that A Man Lies Dreaming engages with, was published in a strictly limited hardcover edition – in fact you can only get it here, as part of the 2-book slipcase bundle of A Man Lies Dreaming. For what it’s worth, the whole thing’s gorgeous, with faultless design by Pedro Marques.

Short Stories

Only 6 7!

  • “Aftermaths”. A bonus short story set some two years after the end of The Violent Century, it is only available as part of the US edition.
  • “The Drowned Celestial”. In Old Venus, ed. George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois. This one was fun to do, and I’ve tended to describe it as “Brokeback Mountain on Venus”. Lots of shoutouts to C.L. Moore and other writers of the pulps.
  • “Antarctica”. In The Brand Annual. It was an interesting challenge, as I had quite a specific set of requirements for this, but I was pleased with how it turned out. It’s set in a future London and features a… marketeer.
  • “The Last Dinosaur”. In Shimmer. A little story about the last car ride in the world.
  • “Dynamics of an Asteroid”. In The Mammoth Book of the Adventures of Moriarty, ed. Maxim Jakubowski. This is like a quadruple mashup – think Moriarty meets War of the Worlds meets Jack the Ripper meets Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Yeah.
  • “Cold Blood”. In Innsmouth Nightmares, ed. Lois Gresh. This was fun! What would have happened if Truman Capote and Harper Lee ended up investigating the murder of a family in, well, Innsmouth. Hey it makes sense OK.
  • “Like Bogart”. In Shattered Prism. A vignette set in the world of The Violent Century. The “Atomic Cocktail” thing is all true!

Next Year

A new novel, Central Station, comes out in May (US, with UK distribution); my first non-fiction book, a collaboration with Shimon Adaf called Art and War, comes out in March (US and UK).

A Man Lies Dreaming comes out, as I said, in the US next March. And many other things are, well, afoot… a few announcements in the new year!