More pre-publication blurbs for Central Station

Central Station is masterful: simultaneously spare and sweeping—a perfect combination of emotional sophistication and speculative vision. Tidhar always stuns me.”

—Kij Johnson, author of At the Mouth of the River of Bees

“Tidhar weaves strands of faith and science fiction into a breathtaking and lush family history of the far future.”

—Max Gladstone, author of Three Parts Dead

“Like all good science fiction, the linked stories of Central Station are really about the here and now we live in.  Most urgently, they are about just who ‘we’ might be, here on this overcrowded, contested, Anthropocene world that we all must share.  Lavie Tidhar writes in generous detail and expansive vision of a New, and old Jerusalem, and of the many possible ‘we’s’ who live there.”

—Carter Scholz, author of Radiance

Central Station boasts complexity without complication, sharp prose, and a multi-dimensional world.”
—Jeffrey Ford, author of The Girl in the Glass

Central Station is published in May by Tachyon.