A Man Lies Dreaming (of) Publication Day!

A Man Lies Dreaming is officially published today in the US! Dennis Johnson, Melville House’s co-publisher, calls it “probably the most outrageous book we’ve ever published”.

Some early US reviews have been positive…

“Seldom will readers come across fantasy as well conceived and well written as this exceptional novel” – Library Journal (starred review)

“Another success… everything in this genre-bender works” – Booklist (starred review)

“A wholly original Holocaust story: as outlandish as it is poignant” – Kirkus (starred review)

“bold and unnerving” – NPR

“Damn good… a tight, masterful creation, an unexpectedly moving work” – Jewish Book Council


The book can be ordered from Melville House, or from Amazon (hardcover, Kindle), or Barnes & Noble, or your favourite independent!

Here’s an interview with me about the book from Mystery People.

Here’s another great review, from Cleaver Magazine.

And here is an excerpt from the novel.


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