The Bookman Release Day!

Words I never thought I’d type… again.

Yes, today’s the day! The classy new edition of The Bookman is officially out today in the UK – you can get it from Amazon, or indeed from your local Waterstones. The US edition will be out next week!

The good news is that Camera Obscura and The Great Game, in the new uniform edition, will be coming out very shortly too, and each book comes with new bonus content – The Bookman comes complete with the 15,000 word novelette “Murder in the Cathedral” – the true story of what happened when Orphan went to France, and a murder mystery set in the world’s first… scientific romance convention. 118,000 in total words!

I’m truly delighted to see the books get this new edition – my thanks to everyone at Angry Robot and my cover artist Sarah Anne Langton, for making this possible.


In a 19th century unlike our own, the shadowy assassin known as the Bookman moves unseen. His weapons are books; his enemies are many. And when Orphan, a young man with a mysterious past, loses his love to the sinister machinations of the Bookman, Orphan would stop at nothing to bring her back from the dead.

In The Bookman, World Fantasy Award winner Lavie Tidhar writes a love letter to books, and to the serial literature of the Victorian era: full of hair-breadth escapes and derring-dos, pirates and automatons, assassins and poets, a world in which real life authors mingle freely with their fictional creations – and where nothing is quite as it seems.

New 2016 edition includes the novelette “Murder in the Cathedral”. Discover, truthfully, what actually happened when Orphan visited Paris.