Recent Short Fiction

It’s been a pretty productive year on the short fiction front for one reason or another. Recent story sales include:

  • “Tinkerers” to Elizabeth Hand and Bradford Morrow at Conjunctions
  • “The Old Dispensation” to Jonathan Strahan at
  • “The Planet Woman, by M.V. Crawford” to Nick Gevers for Extrasolar, a new anthology.
  • “Red Christmas” to Jason Sizemore at Apex Magazine, which, duh, is scheduled for the December issue…


  • “The Vanishing Kind”, a novella in the next issue of F&SF.
  • “Drowned”, in Jonathan Strahan’s Drowned Worlds anthology, out in July. Pick one up!

Just out!–

  • “The Red Menace” – first print appearance, in Mash Up, which has just been released – this is an anthology first published exclusively as an audio book (under the title Rip-Off!) and edited by Gardner Dozois. Pick one up!
  • And “The Drowned Celestial”, first published in the George R.R. Martin & Gardner Dozois anthology Old Venus, is available to read at Apex Magazine.