Off to Spain…

My only comment on current events comes from A Man Lies Dreaming (2014) – this is p. 238 of the uk paperback edition, in which the notorious Oswald Mosley runs for PM on an anti-immigrant platform:


Perhaps if more people read my books…

Next month, I’m going to be a guest at Celsius 232 in Spain, a small convention in Avilés. My novel Osama came out in Spain in 2013, and A Man Lies Dreaming is scheduled to be published there next year. I’m delighted to be a guest (I’m filling in last minute), in Spain, at this time.


One thought on “Off to Spain…

  1. Welcome to Spain and Welcome to Celsius 232. I’m not going this year but Celsius is the best Con for me. It happens on summer, soft summer, in Asturias and Gastronomy is superb. Nobody can ask for anything else! Hope you enjoy your visit and Best regards!

    Juan Luis
    Los 4 Navegantes Podcast

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