Tutim! Tutim!

“Tutim”, one of my very favourite stories, combines my love of satire and strange alternate histories with actual politics – and keen-eyed readers will, of course, recognise the title reference to the famous Yona Wallach poem. Anyhow, “Tutim” was only published as part of my non-fiction collaboration with Shimon Adaf, Art And War: Poetry, Pulp And Politics in Israeli Fiction, published by Repeater Books, a book-length conversation between us which includes a pair of twinned stories, my own “Tutim”, and Shimon’s “third_attribute”.

However, you can now read the story itself online, as it’s been just posted to the Repeater Books blog.

“You have to leave,” the voice said. “They’re coming for you now.”

Tirosh sat up, suddenly awake.

“It is no longer safe for you there,” the voice said. “Go. Take nothing with you.”

“Not even poems?” Tirosh said.

“You don’t understand,” the voice said. “They are coming for all the poets.”

Art and War

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