End of Year: 2017

It’s been a strange year – I barely had anything published yet, paradoxically, it’s been my most successful year to date. Mostly to do with things behind the scenes, where it’s been incredibly busy – and yes, that does mean 2018 is lining up to be… interesting.

But anyway! Here’s the obligatory end of year post.


I had no new novels out this year, but various editions of various novels continued to come out…

Central Station came out in Poland and Israel. The German edition is coming out in January, and further rights have been sold in China, Romania, Russia, Spain and Italy.

A Man Lies Dreaming came out in Spain, France, the Czech Republic and in US paperback from Melville House. Japanese and Hebrew editions are also due out at some point.

The Violent Century came out in Poland, and Osama came out in the Czech Republic.


Rather to my surprise, Central Station ended up being on the shortlist of the Clarke Award and the Locus Award, and won the John W. Campbell Award. Which was nice!

Almost even nicer, the cover by Sarah Anne Langton won the BSFA Award.


Jews vs Zombies and Jews vs Aliens, co-edited with Rebecca Levene back in 2015, came out in new US editions, including really quite lovely single-volume paperback editions.

Meanwhile, my weird little literary magazine co-edited with Silvia Moreno-Garcia – the Jewish Mexican Literary Review – had two issues out this year.

Short Stories

Only a handful this year.

  • “Waterfalling” – a new Gorel of Goliris “Guns & Sorcery” novella, in Gardner Dozois’ The Book of Swords.
  • “2084 Satoshi A.D.” – in George Sandison’s 2084.
  • “The Planet Woman, by M.V. Crawford” – in Nick Gevers’ Extrasolar.
  • “The Road To The Sea” – in Phoebe Wagner and Bronte Christopher Wieland’s Sunvault.
  • “The Banffs” – in Analog.
  • “My Struggle” – A Wolf story, set before the events of A Man Lies Dreaming. In Apex. Read online.
  • “The Old Dispensation” – at Read online.
  • “The Simulacra” – available right here on my blog! An alternate history where Donald Trump became the president of the United States of America.


I did a few this year – a Star Trek convention(!) in Italy, a conference on Chinese SF in Hong Kong, a music festival in the Czech Republic, a Polish SF convention, and the Singapore Writers Festival, and a handful of talks in London, including one undergraduate academic conference. It was a mixed bag! At least all the flying let me read a few books…

Next Year

Well, this is where things get interesting – and also a little frustrating, as I can’t really say anything yet! Expect some exciting announcements in the new year…