A couple of things popped up today.

First, a full-page interview with me in the Israeli newspaper Yisrael Hayom, about A Man Lies Dreaming (can be read online here).

And The Financial Times just reviewed Candy! Concluding that:

The tone is as hard-boiled as a cough drop. The jokes sizzle like Space Dust. Candy is a treat, the kind of confection Roald Dahl and Raymond Chandler might have come up with after an all-night bonbon bender.

In other Candy related material, I talk about books and comedy in No Funny Stuff over the Scholastic Blog, and I also did a mini-interview for this Australian blog.

So grab a copy! You can get it on Amazon, of course, or, if you’re outside the UK, get it with free shipping over at Book Depository. As I type this it’s just under a fiver!