Unholy Land proofs!

Proof copies of Unholy Land are now available on Netgalley, or from the publishers.

The first blurb came in recently, from Warren Ellis, who said:

“Lavie Tidhar does it again. A jewelled little box of miracles. Magnificent.”

Thanks Warren!

Here is the title page:


The logo was designed by me (for the fictional colonial protectorate of “British Judea”) and created by – who else – Sarah Anne Langton, who also did the cover of course. The Latin moto, “Ab Ipso Iudaeo” is courtesy of Adam Roberts, who always helps me with Latin, and is a somewhat obscure joke – it roughly means “Same Jews, different land”. Which I thought was very funny!

Anyhow if you’re a reviewer, feel free to request a copy. Published in November!