The Vanishing Kind

The Vanishing Kind, one of my favourite novellas, is now available as an e-book [Amazon] [Amazon UK], with an original cover by Sarah Anne Langton.

Originally published in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction in 2016, it went on to be reprinted in several Year’s Best anthologies, translated into Polish, and implausibly long-listed for the Hugo Awards. It is now available for the first time as an e-book. Here are some details!

The Vanishing Kind Ebook

London after the war wasn’t a place you went to on holiday…”

Gunther Sloam comes to Nazi-occupied London in search of an old flame. But when she turns up dead, Gunther is accused of the crime…

Moving through the dark streets of London, pursued by the enigmatic Everly of the British Gestapo, Gunther is in way over his head. London after the Nazi occupation is a place haunted by shadows, and everyone he meets is lying to him. As Gunther gets drawn into a deadly web of conspiracy, illicit drug dealing, prostitution and blackmail, the only question is: can he stay alive long enough to find answers?

“Perhaps the best novella of the year” –Locus
“Pretty close to perfect” –SFcrowsnest

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