End of Year: 2018

The by-now-obligatory end of year post. I’ve been doing them for a few years now…


I had two out this year! Candy, which is my first middle-grade novel (nominally for 9-12 year olds, though I’d like to think adults may well enjoy it), was published in the UK by Scholastic, and very quickly in France, Germany and the Czech Republic – with Italian, Polish and Romanian editions out next year. It’s had some nice reviews, including a mention in the FT’s Best of 2018 list.

And Unholy Land just came out, with an audio edition from Blackstone and a collectors edition from PS Publishing – it was only published in November and already gone to reprint, which is nice! And it’s had some lovely reviews, including being on multiple Best of the Year lists (NPR, Publishers Weekly, the Guardian, Library Journal, Crime Time…).

Central Station also came out in a bunch of translations all over the place – Russia, Germany, Romania, the Czech Republic, Spain, Italy… With a Chinese edition due next year. And A Man Lies Dreaming came out in Israel.


Rather to my surprise, Central Station ended up winning an inaugural Neukom Institute Literary Arts Award from Darmouth College. The prize was a rather nifty trophy, a cheque for $5000, and a trip to the States, and I got the opportunity to visit both New England and New York (and also, eat deep-fried mac and cheese balls with truffles!).


The Apex Book of World SF 5, this one edited by Cristina Jurado, came out this year. It was great working on it, and hard to believe it’s been ten years – and five volumes! – since I started doing it.


I just released my novella, The Vanishing Kind, out as an e-book – it’s one of my favourite things to have written, and was previously published in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction a couple of years back.

And a mini-collection of some SF shorts came out in an exclusive Italian edition this year, Terminale Terra, which was a very cool little thing to do.

Short Stories

New stories this year were:

As a bonus cool thing, LeVar Burton reads “Yiwu” over at LeVar Burton Reads!

Not as many stories as I thought there were, but that’s mostly cause I was pretty productive and have a whole bunch now scheduled for next year…

Next Year!

As usual it’s kinda hard to say… The American paperback edition of The Violent Century comes out in the summer and “New Atlantis”, a substantial novella, is coming out in F&SF. Candy is out in Europe, Central Station in China, Martian Sands gets an audio edition, and I just sold a new picture book, of which details soon… So it’s a bit early to say what exactly will be out in 2019, but as usual expect a bunch of new short stories at the very least, as I plug away on a rather… epic novel I’ve been working on for the past year and a half or so. And 2020 should see The Circumference of the World hitting shelves, at the very least.

Should be busy!