Adler #1 now available

First announced at San Diego Comic Con back in 2013(!) Adler, my comic with artist Paul McCaffrey, is finally, finally(!) out into the world, with Issue #1 available through (one presumes) comic book stores, or on ComixologyAdler is a 5-issue series, so the next 4 volumes will be out monthly, followed by a trade omnibus edition in August.

I will be signing copies of the debut issue, alongside Paul, at the Forbidden Planet megastore in London today, 6pm-7pm. You can also just order a signed copy from the store.

I’m told early copies of By Force Alone will also be available! And it’s not out for another month… again, you can order a signed copy here.



At its core, Tidhar’s approach to Adler reminds me of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, but doing away with the boys’ club attitude and aiming to showcase what the girls of history & classic literature can do on their own… [artist Paul McCaffrey] does a great job in setting the mood of any given scene. Villains lurk in the shadows, street lights glow through the London fog, and there’s hardly a panel I can find on a second look-through that doesn’t have something going on in the background to keep the eye moving… If the goal of a creative team is to wrap up the first issue leaving readers hungry for more, I think we can call Adler a win.” –

“At its finest, Adler #1 is a delightful penny-dreadful” – Comic Watch

“[Will appeal] to anyone who enjoys stories centered around smart women who don’t let society get in their way. With complex artwork and a story that puts a unique spin on some of the 19th century’s greatest literary heroines, this is one adventure you’ll want to sign-on for.” – Kabooooom!

“[The art is] engaging, entertaining and breathtaking, thanks to the stylings of McCaffrey, who’s artwork always sings the most when he’s coloring his own… [the story is] a delight to read and one that fans of Victoriana, steam punk, gothic literature and good comics will want to pick up.” –

“An exciting adventure story… Set at the turn of the last century with an almost all female cast, creators Lavie Tidhar and Paul McCaffrey invite readers into a spectacular but dangerous world with a touch of the steampunk aesthetic… the dialogue sparks with life and brings the characters to life in a fun, exciting way… Tidhar brings together an exciting mix of fictional characters, with a few hints at others let to come. He also creates a wonderful comradery between the women, filling the script with as much humour as there is action… The artwork is enchanting with beautiful design work… Adler is a fun and playful historical-ish adventure story. ” – Monkeys Fighting Robots

“Some brilliant artwork… The writing in this comic is wonderful.” – SciFi Pulse

“I love everything about the concept… I really loved Tidhar’s take on these classic female characters… The art in this book can only be described as beautiful. Artist McCaffrey’s character designs are gorgeous… Adler checks all of my boxes of what makes for a great story. Strong female lead characters? Check. Alternate history take on classic characters/events? Check. A fearsome villain? Check. An intriguing mystery? Check. Stunning and unique art style? Check. With all these exciting aspects combined together, I cannot wait to see where the mini-series goes from here.” – Outright Geekery

“My only complaint about the comic is that it ended too quickly in issue one. Yes, it was a full length comic,  but I wanted more of the story. This is a comic that will definitely stay in my reading rotation.  World Fantasy Award Winner, Lavie Tidhar, is the writer. He definitely knows his literature references and I’m here for it. Artist Paul McCaffrey does impeccable work and his coloring is divine.” – FanGirlNation

“A highly entertaining read.” – Quirky Cats Comics