Launching the International Noir Bundle!

My latest bundle for Storybundle is a collection of international noir! You can get the basic 4-book bundle for just $5 or the full 10-book package for just $15. I’m again working with English PEN as the charity partner, and you can add a donation very easily to support translation and freedom of expression – what’s not to like!

The International Noir Bundle is here.

And here are the books!

Noir. Venetian blinds casting lines of shadows, the smoke of a cigarette curling in the air, a silhouette in the doorway signalling danger. There is something about noir that is both of its own aesthetic and transcends time and place. All we know is that there is a moral ambiguity at play, that small people in a corrupt world can too easily come to a messy end, even if they fight. I love noir in all its forms because it is so pliable, pure enough to be recognisable yet diverse enough to keep adapting. For as long as there are crooks there’ll be noir.

Here, then, is a sample of the form. Some of it is hard, classical noir. Some veers into science fiction or fantasy. Some it’s impossible to categorise. Here are the delights of Tamil pulp fiction, the slow-building menace of strangers with secrets in a sleepy Mexican village in the 1970s, of Scottish hardmen and science fiction avengers.

Read more about the TEN books in the bundle here, and make sure to click on each cover for a synopsis, reviews and preview of each book!