Adventures in video game development #1: Cornucopia: Catch Everything now available

Endless lockdown hasn’t been terrible for my work, exactly – I’m edging to 100,000 words on my next novel (2022 publication, and a departure from my previous stuff), been writing those Judge Dee stories (currently scheduled till 2022 as well, and hopefully beyond!), and written a draft of a short novel about a robot and a flower just to pass the time. Still. My hair is all over the place.

I also got into game making to pass the time. It’s fun if finicky, and I’m focusing on very simple (“hyper-casual”, as they’re apparently called!) mobile games, though you can play them in the browser, too. It’s a steep learning curve but a lot of fun, and I just released the first one, Cornucopia: Catch Everything! on the Google Play Store. It’s free, PG and with no ads, if you want to try it!

And you can also play it in your browser now on or choose to download the app from there.

The year is 2508. Cornucopia machines roam the galaxy, scattering an endless supply of manufactured objects from the skies of the settled planets.

Everything is plentiful, and everything’s available.

But plenty comes at a price…

Can you catch it all before your world fills up with junk?