It’s Adler’s Publication Day!

It is, of course, hard to tell it’s publication day, what with there being no bookshops or comics shops. Still. Who knows! You can buy it on the virtual plain. Or by astral projection. Remember to disinfect on arrival. Wear a mask at all times while reading comics.

Back in 2012(!) when we sold Adler, I went into the London Graphic Centre and bought myself two special pens, one gold, one silver. I was going to sign my new comic with them! Then time passed, then more time passed… and then we launched the comic run into a global pandemic and never left the house again. Now the omnibus graphic novel is out. If and when I get my own copies I might try to sign one, if the pens still work…

Over at Sci Fi Now, artist Paul McCaffrey is being interviewed – and they are very kindly giving away a free copy of Adler! As well as reviewing the book, calling it ” dreadfully fabulous”.

More nice reviews for the book:

“Propels an ensemble of historical figures and literary characters through a knotty and thrilling plot packed with intrigue and visceral action, illustrated with a keen eye for historical detail.” – Library Journal, Starred Review

“This thrilling comic bursts with reimagined period characters… with strong crossover appeal, as well as twists and derring-do aplenty.” – Publishers Weekly

“Feels fresh throughout. … Adler is pure entertainment.” – Foreword (5*)

Anyway, you can pick it up from your nearest comic book store, or of course a bookshop, or Comixology or Forbidden Planet, or, indeed, Amazon.