Central Station Wins Chinese Nebula Award!

I woke up on Saturday to a flurry of messages on WeChat. It turned out the Chinese edition of Central Station (translated by Chen Yang and published by Citic) had just won the Best Translated Fiction category of the Chinese Nebula (Xingyun) Awards, hosted in Hainan.

Accepting the award…

This is the third win for the book following the Campbell Award and the Neukom Prize. It was also nominated for the Clarke, Locus, Kurt Lasswitz (Germany), Geffen (Israel), Premio Italia (Italy) and the Premio Kelvin 505 (Spain).

Not a bad run for a book no one was ever going to publish! The Chinese edition is the tenth translation for the book, following editions in Bulgaria, Poland, Israel, Germany, the Czech Republic, Romania, Spain, Russia and Italy. Here’s to a few more!

The rather fancy trophy! (which goes to my translator)