The Escapement Mobile Game – Now In Open Beta!

The Escapement is coming out next month from Tachyon, and I’ve been busy making a small mobile game to go alongside it (under my Candy Arcade label). The Escapement (game) is a surrealist side-scrollin’ shoot-em-up, and you can now download and try the game on the Play Store!

It’s been really fun to make (and play!). You ride across the Escapement collecting objects, shooting gunmen, avoiding ghosts and earning tokens to keep playing… So far with the beta I noticed one (hopefully rare) bug, and some other things to fix/add before the official release next month… In the meantime, I hope you give it a try and will welcome notes!

I have about 3 other games in various stages of development right now (learning new stuff with each one I try to make), so might be able to release one more before the end of the year. In the meantime – The Escapement mobile game!