Announcing The Best of World SF: Volume 2!

This has been a lot of hard work behind the scene, and today I’m delighted to share the cover and table of contents for The Best of World SF: Volume 2! Published by Head of Zeus in hardcover and e-book in September (UK and elsewhere) and November (US), this is big 175,000 words anthology! Cover design by Ben Prior. It makes a gorgeous set with the first volume!



Table of Contents:

1 Nadia Afifi, The Bahrain Underground Bazaar (7700 words), Bahrain

2 Lavanya Lakshminarayan, The Ten-Percent Thief (1300 words), India

3 Frances Ogamba, At Desk 9501 (5000 words), Nigeria *Original

4 Isabel Yap, Milagroso (4300 words), The Philippines

5 Saad Z. Hossain, Bring Your Own Spoon (4700 words), Bangladesh

6 Yukimi Ogawa, Blue Grey Blue (5200 words), Japan

7 Xing He, Your Multicolored Life, (8300 words), trans. Andy Dudak, China

8 Nalo Hopkinson, The Easthound (5900 words), Jamaica

9 Pan Haitian, Dead Man, Awake, Sing to the Sun! (3300 words), trans. Joel Martinsen, China *Original

10 Jacques Barcia, Salvaging Gods (4000 words), Brazil

11 Edmundo Paz Soldán, The Next Move (5400 words), trans. Jessica Sequeira, Bolivia *Original

12 Dilman Dila, The Clay Child (5800 words), Uganda *Original

13 Natalia Theodoridou, To Set at Twilight In a Land of Reeds (3700 words), Greece

14 Bef, The Beast Has Died (5600 words), trans. Brian L. Price, Mexico

15 Alberto Chimal, Twenty About Robots (2900 words), trans. Fionn Petch, Mexico

16 Wole Talabi, The Regression Test (4000 words), Nigeria

17 William Tham Wai Liang, Kakak (4800 words), Malaysia

18 Usman T. Malik, Beyond These Stars Other Tribulations of Love (3200 words), Pakistan

19 Julie Novakova, A Flaw In The Works (8600 words), trans. by author. Czech Republic *Original

20 Cassandra Khaw, When We Die On Mars (3100 words), Malaysia

21 Karen Lord and Tobias S. Buckell, The Mighty Slinger (9700 words), Barbados/Grenada

22 T.L. Huchu, Corialis (7100 words), Zimbabwe

23 Clelia Farris, The Substance of Ideas (3100 words), trans. Rachel S. Cordasco, Italy

24 Agnieszka Hałas, Sleeping Beauties (6000 words), trans. by author, Poland *Original

25 Samit Basu, Waking Nydra (7400 words), India *Original

26 Neon Yang, Between The Firmaments (20300 words), Singapore

27 Bo-Young Kim, Whale Snows Down (3300 words), trans. Sophie Bowman, South Korea

28 Hassan Blasim, The Gardens of Babylon (8000 words), trans. Jonathan Wright, Iraq

29 K.A. Teryna, The Farctory (11350), trans.  Alex Shvartsman, Russia *Original