For Sale: Limited Editions

I need to clear some space! E-mail me on if interested. Price includes packaging and postage (worldwide). Payment by paypal. Books are already signed on limitation sheet, but can be additionally inscribed on title page by request.

Central Station

PS Publishing 2016. Signed, slipcased collectors’ edition, limited to 100 copies. PC Copy. Out of print. Designed by Pedro Marques, with slipcase art by Sarah Anne Langton. Possibly the prettiest of all my limited editions, and the most collectible. Last I checked copies were going for £200+, but now there are none even on the collectors market. £150

Unholy Land

PS Publishing 2018. Signed, slipcased collectors’ edition, limited to 100 copies. PC Copy. Out of print. Designed by Pedro Marques, with slipcase art by Sarah Anne Langton. Another gorgeous edition, and possibly my favourite slipcase art of the lot! I can’t find any copies for sale anywhere. £150.

Get both for £300 and I’ll throw in a signed copy of Venus in Bloom And Other Stories, a rare collection published only in Japan and illustrated by artist Masato Hisa. In English, with Japanese translation side by side. Published to coincide with Hal-Con 2019, where I was Guest of Honour, back in the glory days when you could still leave your house! About 1000 copies printed, of which 100 were signed. Not available outside Japan.



New Atlantis Now Out in E-Book!

Delighted to say my novella, New Atlantis, originally published in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, is now available as a brand spanking new e-book from Jabberwocky, with a fantastic cover by Sarah Anne Langton. It is available for the low price of just $2.99 / £1.99.

Amazon/ Amazon UK

New Atlantis Cover Web

When a mysterious message arrives from vanished New Atlantis, a restless Mai undertakes the perilous journey to its drowned isles. But the journey is long and hard: through the Blasted Plains and the ancient cities of Tyr and Suf, through shipwreck and wilderness.

For this is a world where ants develop inexplicable weapons, where a lonely robot lives surrounded by cats in the ruins of old Paris, and where floating coral islands host sleeping sentience. Mai’s journey takes her by land, sea and air to the islands of New Atlantis, and to the nightmare prison buried underneath old London.

On her way she will find heartbreak and love – and a new life, awakening.

First published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction 2019. Published in e-book by Jabberwocky in 2020. Cover art by Sarah Anne Langton.


“A complex, layered and hugely enjoyable story” – Bestsf

“Lovely work” – Locus

“Excellent… not a word is wasted” – Sfcrowsnest

“Amazing” – 1000yearplan

“A wonderful, imaginative story” – SFRevu

Central Station Nominated for A Xingyun Award!

Was delighted to discover last night that the Chinese edition of Central Station, published by Citic and translated by Chen Yang, has been nominated for the Xingyun (“nebula”) Award in China!

chinese cs

I had the great fortune of launching Central Station in Beijing and Shenzhen last year, meet my editor and translator and generally have a great time.

The 2020 Xingyun nominees for Best Translation Fiction are:

  • Dragon’s Egg, Robert L. Forward, translated by Kuan Yuan
  • “Magician”, Satoru Ogawa, translated by Ding Dingchong
  • Marrow, Robert Reed, translated by Jia Ye
  • Central Station, Lavie Tidhar, translated by Chen Yang

A Man Lies Dreaming nominated for a Seiun Award

Delighted to discover last night that the Japanese edition of A Man Lies Dreaming has been nominated for Japan’s Seiun Award! The full list of nominees is here.


This is my second Seiun nomination, following The Violent Century in 2016, and it’s the fifth award nomination overall for A Man Lies Dreaming (it won a UK award and been nominated for additional awards in the UK, Italy and Israel).

For English language readers, the brand-new e-book edition of A Man Lies Dreaming is now available!

A Man Lies Dreaming Cover Web

Best British SFF Bundle

I’m delighted to have curated a new bundle for Storybundle – The Best British SFF Bundle! The bundle is available for just 3 weeks, with some of the proceeds going to support the non-profit Locus Foundation (who publish Locus Magazine and Locus Online, and run the Locus Awards and more). I think it’s great value for money, and also goes to supporting a bunch of writers and independent presses during this difficult time – what’s not to like! Click here to check it out.

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New Edition of A Man Lies Dreaming!

My favourite novel, A Man Lies Dreaming, is available in a new, improved e-book edition! The magnificent cover is by Sarah Anne Langton.

A Man Lies Dreaming Cover Web


“The best book I read last year is A Man Lies Dreaming by Lavie Tidhar… It is so cleverly constructed and such a spectacular conclusion unfolds that you are going to take it all very seriously.” – Sting

“Ambitious as hell” –Ian Rankin

“An excellent novel” –Philip Kerr

Since its original 2014 publication, A Man Lies Dreaming has been translated into multiple languages and gained a cult following for its dark humor, prescient politics and powerful exploration of the impossibility of fantasy.

1939: Adolf Hitler, fallen from power, seeks refuge in a London engulfed in the throes of a very British Fascism. Now eking a miserable living as a down-at-heels private eye and calling himself Wolf, he has no choice but to take on the case of a glamorous Jewish heiress whose sister went missing.

It’s a decision Wolf will very shortly regret.

For in another time and place a man lies dreaming: Shomer, once a Yiddish pulp writer, who dreams lurid tales of revenge in the hell that is Auschwitz.

Prescient, darkly funny and wholly original, the award-winning A Man Lies Dreaming is a modern fable for our time that comes “crashing through the door of literature like Sam Spade with a .38 in his hand” (Guardian).


Kindle UK

Kindle US

Adler #2 Publication Day!

Issue #2 of Adler, my comics mini-series with artist Paul McCaffrey, is out today! Available in your local comic shop or on Comixology or Amazon, it continues the story of Jane, Irene Adler and Lady Havisham in a somewhat transmogrified late-Victorian London. Paul’s art, of course, just continues to shine.

There’s a stunning main cover by Christian Ward, a variant cover by Paul and a Victorian homage cover.