Gorel & The Pot-Bellied God


A legend tells of the Mirror of Falang-Et: a magical object in the city of the frog tribes, which can tell all manner of truths…

There is only one truth Gorel of Goliris – gunslinger, addict, touched by the Black Kiss – is interested in: finding a way back home, to the great empire from which he had been stolen as a child and from which he had been flung, by sorcery, far across the World.

It started out simple: get to Falang-Et, find the mirror, find what truth it may hold. But nothing is simple for Gorel of Goliris… When Gorel forms an uneasy alliance – and ménage à trois – with an Avian spy and a half-Merlangai thief, things only start to get complicated. Add a murdered merchant, the deadly Mothers of the House of Jade, the rivalry of gods and the machinations of a rising Dark Lord bent on conquest, and things start to get out of hand. Only one thing’s for sure: by the time this is over, there will be blood.

Not to mention sex and drugs… or guns and sorcery.


Hey, sex, drugs, guns and sorcery! What more do you need to know? Published by PS Publishing in 2011, with cover art by Pedro Marques, in a limited edition hardcover format and n e-book editions.


“Makes no apologies for its pulp sensibilities, while simultaneously exploring questions of human sexuality, chemical addiction and the loss of home and purpose; all subjects that are regularly grappled within modern, mainstream literature… a highly entertaining and exotic piece of genre fiction.” – Mithila Review

“A delightfully Weird pulp tale that could easily sit on a shelf alongside Leiber, Vance and Moorcock… an excellent planned and exuberantly executed fantasy.” – Pornokitch

“Like discovering Michael Moorcock for the first time… vibrant and visual… every bit as rich and riveting as a much longer fantasy.” – Adventures in Sci Fi Publishing


Hardcover edition

Signed, jacketed hardcover (limited to 100 copies)


Mobi or epub editions, £1.99 – buy direct from PS Publishing

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