4 thoughts on “The Bookman Histories

  1. Just finished reading all three Bookman novels and wanted to say how much I enjoyed them. Very creative and fun reads all. I was especially tickled by your use of “The Prisoner” in the Great Game. I confess I own every episode of that obscure but classic show, and was amused to find I am not the only nutjob out there who remembers it fondly. :) Looking forward to exploring your other fiction.

  2. So I just read The Great Game today, and as when I read the first two books it left me hoping there is more to come. One thing I would love to see is aguide to all of the historical and literary references in these books. Though I know many of them, there are others I know I am not catching. It would be great to find out what all of these are so I can engross myself in the source material yiu drew on for these fascinating books.

  3. Over the last couple of months, I have bought all of these books through Audible and I love each of them but, having just finished The Great Game, I still feel like I’m missing some very important parts of the puzzle.

    I also loved the references to The Prisoner and also the interwoven story of Sherlock Holmes, even if that is part of what I don’t understand.

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