Announcing The Jewish Mexican Literary Review!

Today’s the day!

I’m delighted to announce The Jewish Mexican Literary Review, with a brand-new issue live at This is a new (old-new?) ecclectic magazine, free online, co-edited by myself and Silvia Moreno-Garcia.


We’ve got poetry from Bryan Thao Worra and Ng Yi-Sheng, fantastic new fiction from Naomi Alderman and Kuzhali Manickavel, and dual-language fiction from Nelly Geraldine Garcia Rosas (Spanish and English) and Shimon Adaf (Hebrew and English). Plus David Bowles with a Nahuatl dictionary.

Reviews come courtesy of Molly Tanzer and Orrin Grey. The fantastic cover art is by Jason Wright, who is the subject of this issue’s illustrated interview.

Jews! Mexicans! Bacon! Poetry! Multiple award winning authors! Imaginary films! Politics! Pornography! And zombies!

The Jewish Mexican Literary Review

Out Now!


“The Vanishing Kind” is published!

“The Vanishing Kind”, a brand-new novella set in a post-WW2 London where the Nazis won the war, is out now in the latest (July/August) issue of venerable magazine F&SF. It’s a dirty little noir tale…

I’m very pleased with.

To buy:

Single copy of the issue:
Artist Sarah Anne Langton and I designed an original film poster for the novella (as you do!):

The Vanishing Kind

And here is the cover of the magazine:

Off to Spain…

My only comment on current events comes from A Man Lies Dreaming (2014) – this is p. 238 of the uk paperback edition, in which the notorious Oswald Mosley runs for PM on an anti-immigrant platform:


Perhaps if more people read my books…

Next month, I’m going to be a guest at Celsius 232 in Spain, a small convention in Avilés. My novel Osama came out in Spain in 2013, and A Man Lies Dreaming is scheduled to be published there next year. I’m delighted to be a guest (I’m filling in last minute), in Spain, at this time.

Recent Short Fiction

It’s been a pretty productive year on the short fiction front for one reason or another. Recent story sales include:

  • “Tinkerers” to Elizabeth Hand and Bradford Morrow at Conjunctions
  • “The Old Dispensation” to Jonathan Strahan at
  • “The Planet Woman, by M.V. Crawford” to Nick Gevers for Extrasolar, a new anthology.
  • “Red Christmas” to Jason Sizemore at Apex Magazine, which, duh, is scheduled for the December issue…


  • “The Vanishing Kind”, a novella in the next issue of F&SF.
  • “Drowned”, in Jonathan Strahan’s Drowned Worlds anthology, out in July. Pick one up!

Just out!–

  • “The Red Menace” – first print appearance, in Mash Up, which has just been released – this is an anthology first published exclusively as an audio book (under the title Rip-Off!) and edited by Gardner Dozois. Pick one up!
  • And “The Drowned Celestial”, first published in the George R.R. Martin & Gardner Dozois anthology Old Venus, is available to read at Apex Magazine.


The Bookman Release Day!

Words I never thought I’d type… again.

Yes, today’s the day! The classy new edition of The Bookman is officially out today in the UK – you can get it from Amazon, or indeed from your local Waterstones. The US edition will be out next week!

The good news is that Camera Obscura and The Great Game, in the new uniform edition, will be coming out very shortly too, and each book comes with new bonus content – The Bookman comes complete with the 15,000 word novelette “Murder in the Cathedral” – the true story of what happened when Orphan went to France, and a murder mystery set in the world’s first… scientific romance convention. 118,000 in total words!

I’m truly delighted to see the books get this new edition – my thanks to everyone at Angry Robot and my cover artist Sarah Anne Langton, for making this possible.


In a 19th century unlike our own, the shadowy assassin known as the Bookman moves unseen. His weapons are books; his enemies are many. And when Orphan, a young man with a mysterious past, loses his love to the sinister machinations of the Bookman, Orphan would stop at nothing to bring her back from the dead.

In The Bookman, World Fantasy Award winner Lavie Tidhar writes a love letter to books, and to the serial literature of the Victorian era: full of hair-breadth escapes and derring-dos, pirates and automatons, assassins and poets, a world in which real life authors mingle freely with their fictional creations – and where nothing is quite as it seems.

New 2016 edition includes the novelette “Murder in the Cathedral”. Discover, truthfully, what actually happened when Orphan visited Paris.

Nominated for Il Premio Roma!

Delighted to discover that Wolf, the Italian edition of A Man Lies Dreaming, has been shortlisted for the prestigious Premio Roma, in the Narrativa Straniera, or Best Foreign Fiction, category.

The nominees are:

  • Roger Hobbs, for Pronti a svanire
  • Charles Juliet, for Brandelli
  • Ayşe Kulin, for L’ultimo treno per Istanbul
  • Matt Haig, for Ragioni per continuare a vivere
  • Lavie Tidhar, for Wolf

Wolf is published in hardcover by Frassinelli, and translated by Alfredo Colitto.