The Apex Book of World SF 5 is published!

I’m delighted to say The Apex Book of World SF 5, guest-edited by Cristina Jurado, is out now!

What was once just a mad gleam in my (admittedly, more youthful) eye has now hit its first decade(!) milestone and the fifth volume in the series. I couldn’t be happier!

This volume’s guest-editor, Cristina, did an amazing job in her story selection (below). Cover art by the great Sarah Anne Langton. Available in trade paperback and e-book now!

Also worth mentioning you can pick up the first 4 volumes in one mega-bundle right here!

And here’s a lovely review of Volume 5 from Paul di Filippo in Locus!


Table of Contents:

  • Vina Jie-Min Prasad (Singapore) — “A Series of Steaks”
  • Daína Chaviano (Cuba, translated by Matthew D. Goodwin) — “Accursed Lineage”
  • Darcie Little Badger (USA/Lipan Apache)  — “Nkásht íí”
  • T.L. Huchu (Zimbabwe) — “Ghostalker”
  • Taiyo Fujii (Japan, translated by Jim Hubbert) — “Violation of the TrueNet Security Act”
  • Vandana Singh (India) — “Ambiguity Machines: An Examination”
  • Basma Abdel Aziz (Egypt, translated by Elisabeth Jaquette) — “Scenes from the Life of an Autocrat”
  • Liliana Colanzi (Bolivia, translated by Jessica Sequeira) — “Our Dead World”
  • Bo-young Kim (South Korea, translated by Jihyun Park & Gord Sellar) — “An Evolutionary Myth”
  • Israel Alonso (Spain, translated by Steve Redwood) — “You Will See the Moon Rise”
  • Sara Saab (Lebanon) — “The Barrette Girls”
  • Chi Hui (China, translated by John Chu) — “The Calculations of Artificials”
  • Ana Hurtado (Venezuela)  — “El Cóndor del Machángara”
  • Karla Schmidt (Germany, translated by Lara M. Harmon) — “Alone, on the Wind”
  • Eliza Victoria (Philippines) — “The Seventh”
  • Tochi Onyebuchi (Nigeria/USA) — “Screamers”
  • R.S.A. Garcia (Trinidad and Tobago) — “The Bois”
  • Giovanni De Feo (Italy) — “Ugo”

Candy is out in Germany!

Candy – or, to give it its full German title, Geheimagentin Candy und die Schokoladen-Mafia(!) is out now in Germany from the good people at Loewe Verlag. It is translated by Ulrike Köbele and illustrated (wonderfully!) by Max Meinzold. It is available in hardcover priced at Euro 12.95, and also available as an e-book.

Candy Germany

Central Station and Terminale Terra out in Italy!

As Mondadori gear up to publish Candy in Italy in January 2019 (I’ve seen some of the associated marketing, including my very own chocolate bars!), two other publishers have put out my more science fiction-y books out…

First up, Acheron Books have released Central Station in paperback and e-book, translated by Davide Mana, with the cover by Sarah Anne Langton:

CS Italy.jpg

And secondly, my friend Francesco Verso has been running Future Fiction for a number of years now, putting out high-quality, single-author collections in gorgeous little paperbacks, so I’m delighted to say we’ve just done my very own exclusive collection in Italy! Terminale Terra collects several of my near-future stories, including “Terminal”. It is translated by Rita Demaria, with a cover by Simone Ferraro. You can also get it on Amazon.

Terminale Terra

French Publication Day for Candy!

Candy, or La Mafia des Bonbons in the French edition, is out today! Translated by Emmanuelle Ghez, with the original art from the UK edition by Mark Beech, it is published by Castelmore in paperback, priced at Euro 10.90. An e-book edition is also available.

This is the first translated edition of Candy – to be followed in October by the German edition, in December by the Czech edition, and in January 2019 by the Italian edition – plus a few more on the way! It truly is the Year of the Candy…

Viva le France!



New 3-book deal with Blackstone Audio

Delighted to say I’ve signed a new deal with Blackstone Publishing, for audiobook versions of the upcoming Unholy Land and The Circumference of the World, plus an audiobook edition of Martian Sands!

The first books will be Unholy Land, which should be available around the same time as the print edition – so, shortly!

I’ll have some news on yet another Unholy Land edition soon, too…

Meanwhile the book has received a starred review from Publishers Weekly, concluding:

Readers of all kinds, and particularly fans of detective stories and puzzles, will enjoy grappling with the numerous questions raised by this stellar work.

unholy land cover