End of Year: 2019

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Another year coming to an end…


The Violent Century came out in the US in paperback. This edition has a new cover from Sarah Anne Langton and an introduction from Cory Doctorow.

No new books otherwise this year, but only because 2020 is shaping up to be… busy.

Candy came out in Italy (as “The City Without Chocolate”, published by Mondadori) and Poland (published by Zysk).

Central Station came out in China (as “Central Star Station”, published by Citic).

A Man Lies Dreaming was published in Japan (by Takeshobo).

Also published in Japan was an original mini-collection Venus in Bloom, in a dual-language edition, collecting several of my recent SF stories. It is illustrated by Masato Hisa and available from Hal-Con Books.


It’s been a strange year – I’ve been nominated for eleven awards and lost ten in a row. So it goes!

Unholy Land was nominated for the Campbell, Locus, Sidewise, Kitschies and Dragon Awards.

Central Station was nominated for the Kurd Laßwitz Award (Germany), Premio Italia (Italy), and the Premio Kelvin 505 (Spain).

A Man Lies Dreaming was nominated for the Geffen Prize (Israel).

Candy was nominated for the Fantastic Book Awards in the UK.

And, rather to my surprise, my short story “Bag Man” was nominated for the CWA Dagger Award for best crime fiction. I did get to go to the glitzy ceremony, and it was fun!

Short Stories

Quite a few this year! Including a novella, some crime fiction and an interactive fiction piece.

SF & Weird:


  • “New Atlantis”, in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

Interactive Fiction:

  • “Svalbard” is an interactive fiction / puzzle adventure, available exclusively on PuzzleTales, the brain child of Jeff Olefsky. This was a lot of fun to do! You can read the story several different ways, but must unlock fiendishly difficult puzzles designed by Jeff in order to keep reading!

Crime Fiction:


I am writing a new book column on sff with Silvia Moreno-Garcia for The Washington Post. Yes, I am as surprised about this as anyone! Here is the first one. These should be out every 6 weeks or so, in both the print and online editions, and in syndication.

Next Year

2020 is shaping up to be a big one…

I recently signed a new 3-book deal with publishers Head of Zeus in the UK. I also sold a few US books.

My epic By Force Alone will be published in the UK in April and the US in June.

The Escapement will be published towards the later part of the year by Tachyon (US and international).

A lot more about these books soon…

Candy will be making its US debut! More on that later…

My first comic, Adler, with artist Paul McCaffrey, will be out beginning in February, with an omnibus edition by end of year. It’s a 5-issue mini-series. Published US and UK by Titan Comics. Adler #1 can be ordered here.

If all goes well, my poker novella The Big Blind will be published in hardcover by PS Publishing.

And there are plans in place for at least one more book project for 2020 in the works…


Osama has sold to Russia. Candy is due in Romania. Unholy Land sold to France and Poland. More TBA!

Phew. Excuse me while I go lie down for a moment.

Introducing Adler

Adler #1, the first issue of my soon-to-be-published creator owned comic mini-series with artist Paul McCaffrey, is hitting stores in February!

I am told you can pre-order it from comixology. Or find your nearest comic book shop!

There’s been some online coverage of the forthcoming art and content at Flickering Myth and SyFi Wire, to name two.

There will be four variant covers, including exclusive art by Butch Guice. Check them out below! 





China Launch for Central Station!

I will be in Beijing and Shenzhen this week and the next for both the Beijing SF Summit Forum, and to launch the Chinese edition of Central Station!

Chinese Central Station

Here’s my schedule, as much as I know it!

November 1st, Friday

Bookshop event: Join Lavie Tidhar, Wu Yan and Li Zhaoxin at the CITIC Bookstore, Beijing, 19:30-21:00 to discuss cultural nostalgia in science fiction and the novel Central Station

November 2nd, Saturday

Beijing SF Summit Forum, China Science and Technology Museum

Talk: Current Trends in Global Science Fiction, 14:00-14:30

Panel: All Punks, SF and SF Writing, 15:30-16:10

November 3rd, Sunday

Beijing SF Summit Forum, China Science and Technology Museum

Panel: How To Spread Chinese Science Fiction Abroad, 16:10-16:50

November 5th, Tuesday

Science and Human Imagination Center of Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen

Talk: Students at Introductory of Imaginations class

Bookshop event: From the Frontier of Science and Technology to the Reflection of Humanities, Qianshu Bookstore, Shenzhen, 19:30-21:00. With Luo Jinhai and Wang Nuouo.

Venus in Bloom!

My new Japanese short story collection, published as part of the Hal-Con series of short books, is now available. You can get it from the Hal-Con site or at Japanese conventions, I think. As I type this, I have a box of some 100 copies of the thing to sign and send back to Japan… Which reminds me that whatever else books are, they’re heavy.


Venus In Bloom collects five of my stories, including an introduction and story notes. It is available as a slim paperback, illustrated by Masato Hisa, who was my fellow Guest of Honour at Hal-Con this year, and who also designs the monsters for the Japanese Power Rangers! Which is about as cool as it comes. (I also have one of his original pieces at home now, which I got at a secret room auction… err, don’t ask).

The book includes:

  • Venus in Bloom
  • Earthrise
  • Talking To Ghosts At The Edge of the World
  • Neom
  • Terminal

Candy nominated for the Fantastic Book Awards!

Delighted to discover that Candy is nominated for the Fantastic Book Awards! The awards are given by the Lancashire School Library Service. The annual awards are judged by thousands of children aged 9-11 from primary schools across Lancashire. FBA is designed to encourage pupils to read for pleasure and is run as a book club.

I’ve not had a nomination for a children’s book before! Which is very lovely.