The Apex Book of World SF 5

I’m delighted to announce The Apex Book of World SF: Volume 5, guest-edited by Cristina Jurado and published by Apex in September in paperback and e-book. Cover artwork is by Sarah Anne Langton.

I am very excited about this new volume! Not only did I never imagine we’d get this far all the way back in 2009, but I think Cristina did an amazing job expanding the series’ reach with the latest volume. Please do consider pre-ordering your copy! (currently with a 25% discount). Or pick up all 4 previous volumes in one easy bundle!

Here’s the cover and Table of Contents!

  • Vina Jie-Min Prasad (Singapore) — “A Series of Steaks”
  • Daína Chaviano (Cuba) — “Accursed Lineage” (trans. Matthew D. Goodwin)
  • Darcie Little Badger (USA/Lipan Apache)  — “Nkásht íí”
  • T.L. Huchu (Zimbabwe) — “Ghostalker”
  • Taiyo Fujii (Japan) — “Violation of the TrueNet Security Act” (trans. Jim Hubbert)
  • Vandana Singh (India) — “Ambiguity Machines: An Examination”
  • Basma Abdel Aziz (Egypt) — “Scenes from the Life of an Autocrat” (trans. Elisabeth Jaquette)
  • Liliana Colanzi (Bolivia) — “Our Dead World” (trans. Jessica Sequeira)
  • Bo-young Kim (South Korea) — “An Evolutionary Myth” (trans. Jihyun Park & Gord Sellar)
  • Israel Alonso (Spain) — “You will see the moon rise” (trans. Steve Redwood)
  • Sara Saab (Lebanon) — “The Barrette Girls”
  • Chi Hui (China) — “The Calculations of Artificials” (trans. John Chu)
  • Ana Hurtado (Venezuela)  — “El Cóndor del Machángara”
  • Karla Schmidt (Germany) — “Alone, on the Wind” (trans. Lara M. Harmon)
  • Eliza Victoria (Philippines) — “The Seventh”
  • Tochi Onyebuchi (Nigeria/USA) — “Screamers”
  • R.S.A. Garcia (Trinidad and Tobago) — “The Bois”
  • Giovanni De Feo (Italy) — “Ugo”



Unholy Land proofs!

Proof copies of Unholy Land are now available on Netgalley, or from the publishers.

The first blurb came in recently, from Warren Ellis, who said:

“Lavie Tidhar does it again. A jewelled little box of miracles. Magnificent.”

Thanks Warren!

Here is the title page:


The logo was designed by me (for the fictional colonial protectorate of “British Judea”) and created by – who else – Sarah Anne Langton, who also did the cover of course. The Latin moto, “Ab Ipso Iudaeo” is courtesy of Adam Roberts, who always helps me with Latin, and is a somewhat obscure joke – it roughly means “Same Jews, different land”. Which I thought was very funny!

Anyhow if you’re a reviewer, feel free to request a copy. Published in November!


My latest short story, “Gubbinal”, is now up at Clarkesworld Magazine, and also in audio (read by Kate Baker).

This is an SF story, set on Titan, and part of a loose cycle I’m slowly working on. Another recent Titan story is “Talking to Ghosts at the Edge of the World”, in the anthology Infinity’s End edited by Jonathan Strahan.

Here’s the pretty funky cover for the magazine, by Luis Carlos Barragán:


Sahar had heard the stories. Black Monoliths, and the Nine Billion Hells, and amorphous beings made up of tendrils of nanoparticles pulsing and thinking, as large as planets, out in the Oort Cloud.

Stories to scare children with. – Read on.

Czech Central Station!

My author copies of the Czech edition of Central Station have arrived from Argo. It’s simply glorious – the map printed on the boards, the cover by Pedro Marques, there’s even an old-school bookmark sewn into the book! Here’s a picture!



A couple of things popped up today.

First, a full-page interview with me in the Israeli newspaper Yisrael Hayom, about A Man Lies Dreaming (can be read online here).

And The Financial Times just reviewed Candy! Concluding that:

The tone is as hard-boiled as a cough drop. The jokes sizzle like Space Dust. Candy is a treat, the kind of confection Roald Dahl and Raymond Chandler might have come up with after an all-night bonbon bender.

In other Candy related material, I talk about books and comedy in No Funny Stuff over the Scholastic Blog, and I also did a mini-interview for this Australian blog.

So grab a copy! You can get it on Amazon, of course, or, if you’re outside the UK, get it with free shipping over at Book Depository. As I type this it’s just under a fiver!


On Friday, I popped into Forbidden Planet to sign copies of Candy – you can get in-shop, or online here. Only a limited number though!

Yesterday, I did a mini-tour of some of the independent children’s bookshops in London. It was a blast! And eye-opening – I had no idea there were these wonderful shops all around London!

We started in Pickled Pepper Books in Crouch End, then Owl Bookshop in Kentish Town, then the wonderfully-named Tales on Moon Lane (where I even got to sign a couple of copies!).

Then more bus, coffee-on-the-go and train to Richmond-Upon-Thames, and to the amazing The Alligator’s Mouth, where years ago there used to be a bookshop that I spent hours in, browsing second hand books in the basement! I got to sign a bunch more copies of Candy there, and then we were off to the big Waterstone’s in Kingston, where I’ve done a couple of events in the past.

It was a surprisingly long day! That roughly went train, train, train, walk, bookshop, bus, tube, tube, bookshop, train, train, bookshop, bus, train, bookshop, bus, bookshop, bus. (The “walk” part was what I thought was a straight road but turned out to be a pretty steep hill! Thanks, Google Maps!).

tales on moon lane.jpg

Also lovely: first thing that morning a review by Jonathan Thornton popped up on the website Fantasy Faction, which calls it “a perfectly pitched noir take” and “a subversive children’s story [that] for all its joyous sense of fun still packs a surprising emotional and philosophical punch.” He also rightly notes the close link between Candy and my adult books.

In fact, the one question I kept being asked was “So why did you decide to write a children’s book?” – and I didn’t know how to answer! Candy feels to me so much of whatever it is I do that it feels a perfectly natural continuation of that, rather than some whimsical departure…

Just confirmed a couple of new events for the summer to do with Candy, so that’s all new and exciting! More stuff to come, plus of course the various translations are edging closer to coming out, and I can’t wait to share some of the artwork for those.