New Atlantis Now Out in E-Book!

Delighted to say my novella, New Atlantis, originally published in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, is now available as a brand spanking new e-book from Jabberwocky, with a fantastic cover by Sarah Anne Langton. It is available for the low price of just $2.99 / £1.99.

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New Atlantis Cover Web

When a mysterious message arrives from vanished New Atlantis, a restless Mai undertakes the perilous journey to its drowned isles. But the journey is long and hard: through the Blasted Plains and the ancient cities of Tyr and Suf, through shipwreck and wilderness.

For this is a world where ants develop inexplicable weapons, where a lonely robot lives surrounded by cats in the ruins of old Paris, and where floating coral islands host sleeping sentience. Mai’s journey takes her by land, sea and air to the islands of New Atlantis, and to the nightmare prison buried underneath old London.

On her way she will find heartbreak and love – and a new life, awakening.

First published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction 2019. Published in e-book by Jabberwocky in 2020. Cover art by Sarah Anne Langton.


“A complex, layered and hugely enjoyable story” – Bestsf

“Lovely work” – Locus

“Excellent… not a word is wasted” – Sfcrowsnest

“Amazing” – 1000yearplan

“A wonderful, imaginative story” – SFRevu

Central Station Nominated for A Xingyun Award!

Was delighted to discover last night that the Chinese edition of Central Station, published by Citic and translated by Chen Yang, has been nominated for the Xingyun (“nebula”) Award in China!

chinese cs

I had the great fortune of launching Central Station in Beijing and Shenzhen last year, meet my editor and translator and generally have a great time.

The 2020 Xingyun nominees for Best Translation Fiction are:

  • Dragon’s Egg, Robert L. Forward, translated by Kuan Yuan
  • “Magician”, Satoru Ogawa, translated by Ding Dingchong
  • Marrow, Robert Reed, translated by Jia Ye
  • Central Station, Lavie Tidhar, translated by Chen Yang

A Man Lies Dreaming nominated for a Seiun Award

Delighted to discover last night that the Japanese edition of A Man Lies Dreaming has been nominated for Japan’s Seiun Award! The full list of nominees is here.


This is my second Seiun nomination, following The Violent Century in 2016, and it’s the fifth award nomination overall for A Man Lies Dreaming (it won a UK award and been nominated for additional awards in the UK, Italy and Israel).

For English language readers, the brand-new e-book edition of A Man Lies Dreaming is now available!

A Man Lies Dreaming Cover Web

Best British SFF Bundle

I’m delighted to have curated a new bundle for Storybundle – The Best British SFF Bundle! The bundle is available for just 3 weeks, with some of the proceeds going to support the non-profit Locus Foundation (who publish Locus Magazine and Locus Online, and run the Locus Awards and more). I think it’s great value for money, and also goes to supporting a bunch of writers and independent presses during this difficult time – what’s not to like! Click here to check it out.

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New Edition of A Man Lies Dreaming!

My favourite novel, A Man Lies Dreaming, is available in a new, improved e-book edition! The magnificent cover is by Sarah Anne Langton.

A Man Lies Dreaming Cover Web


“The best book I read last year is A Man Lies Dreaming by Lavie Tidhar… It is so cleverly constructed and such a spectacular conclusion unfolds that you are going to take it all very seriously.” – Sting

“Ambitious as hell” –Ian Rankin

“An excellent novel” –Philip Kerr

Since its original 2014 publication, A Man Lies Dreaming has been translated into multiple languages and gained a cult following for its dark humor, prescient politics and powerful exploration of the impossibility of fantasy.

1939: Adolf Hitler, fallen from power, seeks refuge in a London engulfed in the throes of a very British Fascism. Now eking a miserable living as a down-at-heels private eye and calling himself Wolf, he has no choice but to take on the case of a glamorous Jewish heiress whose sister went missing.

It’s a decision Wolf will very shortly regret.

For in another time and place a man lies dreaming: Shomer, once a Yiddish pulp writer, who dreams lurid tales of revenge in the hell that is Auschwitz.

Prescient, darkly funny and wholly original, the award-winning A Man Lies Dreaming is a modern fable for our time that comes “crashing through the door of literature like Sam Spade with a .38 in his hand” (Guardian).


Kindle UK

Kindle US

Adler #2 Publication Day!

Issue #2 of Adler, my comics mini-series with artist Paul McCaffrey, is out today! Available in your local comic shop or on Comixology or Amazon, it continues the story of Jane, Irene Adler and Lady Havisham in a somewhat transmogrified late-Victorian London. Paul’s art, of course, just continues to shine.

There’s a stunning main cover by Christian Ward, a variant cover by Paul and a Victorian homage cover.


By Force Alone Publication Day!

By Force Alone is out in the UK today! Published by Head of Zeus, in a gorgeous hardcover edition as well as e-book (the UK audio edition is forthcoming). Here’s the cover and some details!


Britannia, AD 535

The Romans have gone. While their libraries smoulder, roads decay and cities crumble, men with swords pick over civilisation’s carcass, slaughtering and being slaughtered in turn.

This is the story of just such a man. Like the others, he had a sword. He used it, he slew until slain. Unlike the others, we remember him as King Arthur.

This is the story of a land neither green nor pleasant. An eldritch isle of deep forest and dark fell haunted by swaithes and tod-lowries, Robin-Goodfellows and Jenny Greenteeths, boggarts and predators of rarer appetite yet.

This is the story of a legend forged from a pack of self-serving, turd-gilding, weasel-worded lies told to justify foul deeds and ill-gotten gains.

This is the story — viscerally entertaining, ominously subversive and poetically profane — of a Dark Age myth that shaped a nation.


“Drawing on everything from wushu movies to The Wire by way of Tarkovsky and Tarantino, By Force Alone is wild, surprising and entertaining, and a hugely immersive read.” – M.R. Carey, author of The Girl with All the Gifts and The Unwritten

“Tidhar turns King Arthur’s court into a gangster’s paradise, full of wheelings and dealings, and true grit. If the tale didn’t go down like this, it should have.” – Silvia Moreno-García, author of Gods of Jade and Shadow and Mexican Gothic

“Lavie Tidhar is a fearless madman. The last thing I wanted was another take on Camelot, but it turns out that what I absolutely needed was this profane, hilarious, brutal, genre-mashing story of Arthur as a rising goodfella, his thug knights, a Guinevere straight out of Kill Bill, and a Judean kung fu Lancelot. I haven’t even mentioned the UFOs. There’s no way this should work, but it kills as both sheer entertainment and canny political statement . To my fellow writers: the Arthurian Revision category is now closed. Take your ball and go home.” – Daryl Gregory, author of We Are All Completely Fine and Spoonbenders

“Lavie Tidhar has crafted a punk epic on the mouldering bones of legend and jolted it to life with ten thousand volts of knowing wit and fury.  By Force Alone eviscerates the complacent posturing of the Arthurian myth, explodes the well-worn conventions of the tale and from the shiny jagged pieces assembles a wholly fresh rollercoaster ride of cheap violence, vicious magic and messy human truth. Just read it.  You’ll never look at a wizard the same way again.” – Richard Morgan, author of Altered Carbon and A Land Fit for Heroes

“Lavie Tidhar has created something wonderful, an extraordinary blend of history, legend, and sheer, lunatic inspiration. I loved it.” – Christopher Farnsworth, author of The Eternal World and Killfile

“A violent, funny, absurd epic – Tidhar remains an utterly original voice in contemporary fiction” – Daniel Polansky, author of Low Town and The Builders

“A beautifully written and thrilling tale, soaked in gore and evocative historical detail, peppered with subtle humour. Tidhar storms the castle of Grimdark, sword dripping with blood, and makes a claim for its crown.” – Angus Watson, author of Age of Iron and You Die When You Die.

“Utterly bonkers, utterly brilliant – a brutal, witty & slightly insane deconstruction of the Arthurian legend by way of Goodfellas, this is absolute bloody (and sweary) joy on the page.” – Russel D. McLean, author of The Good Son and Ed’s Dead.

“By Force Alone is a comet that blazes a brilliant new path through dusty old territory. Bold and inventive, it smashes Arthurian myth to bits, sweeps up the brightest, weirdest, most enchanting pieces, and reshapes them into a wildly original tale.” – Lisa L. Hannett, author of Bluegrass Symphony and Lament for the Afterlife

“A twisted Arthur retelling mixing the historical and the magical with a very modern eye. Brutal and vicious and funny, a Peaky Blinders of the Round Table.” – Adrian Tchaikovsky, author of Children of Time

“I have never come across a more despicable bunch of characters – this is surely an indictment of Lavie Tidhar’s warped and degenerate brain. Without a doubt this is the best Arthurian tale ever written. It has ruined the entire mythology for me.” – Saad Z. Hossain, author of Escape from Baghdad! and Djinn City


“Post-truth fantasy [that is] serious fun… a novel that demands your attention… steal[s] the power of the oldest tales. 4.5*” – SFX

“Tidhar saturates this epic adventure with profanity, dark humor, sword-sharp twists, and unexpected moments of pathos. Readers who hold King Arthur dear to their hearts will be gratified by Tidhar’s attention to detail amidst the innovation. This dark, imaginative take on a classic is sure to impress.” – Publishers Weekly

“You can always trust Lavie Tidhar to create something brilliant, savage and endlessly entertaining” – Starburst




Forbidden Planet:


Adler #1 now available

First announced at San Diego Comic Con back in 2013(!) Adler, my comic with artist Paul McCaffrey, is finally, finally(!) out into the world, with Issue #1 available through (one presumes) comic book stores, or on ComixologyAdler is a 5-issue series, so the next 4 volumes will be out monthly, followed by a trade omnibus edition in August.

I will be signing copies of the debut issue, alongside Paul, at the Forbidden Planet megastore in London today, 6pm-7pm. You can also just order a signed copy from the store.

I’m told early copies of By Force Alone will also be available! And it’s not out for another month… again, you can order a signed copy here.



At its core, Tidhar’s approach to Adler reminds me of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, but doing away with the boys’ club attitude and aiming to showcase what the girls of history & classic literature can do on their own… [artist Paul McCaffrey] does a great job in setting the mood of any given scene. Villains lurk in the shadows, street lights glow through the London fog, and there’s hardly a panel I can find on a second look-through that doesn’t have something going on in the background to keep the eye moving… If the goal of a creative team is to wrap up the first issue leaving readers hungry for more, I think we can call Adler a win.” –

“At its finest, Adler #1 is a delightful penny-dreadful” – Comic Watch

“[Will appeal] to anyone who enjoys stories centered around smart women who don’t let society get in their way. With complex artwork and a story that puts a unique spin on some of the 19th century’s greatest literary heroines, this is one adventure you’ll want to sign-on for.” – Kabooooom!

“[The art is] engaging, entertaining and breathtaking, thanks to the stylings of McCaffrey, who’s artwork always sings the most when he’s coloring his own… [the story is] a delight to read and one that fans of Victoriana, steam punk, gothic literature and good comics will want to pick up.” –

“An exciting adventure story… Set at the turn of the last century with an almost all female cast, creators Lavie Tidhar and Paul McCaffrey invite readers into a spectacular but dangerous world with a touch of the steampunk aesthetic… the dialogue sparks with life and brings the characters to life in a fun, exciting way… Tidhar brings together an exciting mix of fictional characters, with a few hints at others let to come. He also creates a wonderful comradery between the women, filling the script with as much humour as there is action… The artwork is enchanting with beautiful design work… Adler is a fun and playful historical-ish adventure story. ” – Monkeys Fighting Robots

“Some brilliant artwork… The writing in this comic is wonderful.” – SciFi Pulse

“I love everything about the concept… I really loved Tidhar’s take on these classic female characters… The art in this book can only be described as beautiful. Artist McCaffrey’s character designs are gorgeous… Adler checks all of my boxes of what makes for a great story. Strong female lead characters? Check. Alternate history take on classic characters/events? Check. A fearsome villain? Check. An intriguing mystery? Check. Stunning and unique art style? Check. With all these exciting aspects combined together, I cannot wait to see where the mini-series goes from here.” – Outright Geekery

“My only complaint about the comic is that it ended too quickly in issue one. Yes, it was a full length comic,  but I wanted more of the story. This is a comic that will definitely stay in my reading rotation.  World Fantasy Award Winner, Lavie Tidhar, is the writer. He definitely knows his literature references and I’m here for it. Artist Paul McCaffrey does impeccable work and his coloring is divine.” – FanGirlNation

“A highly entertaining read.” – Quirky Cats Comics