The Bookman Histories: Cover Reveal!

Well the guys at Angry Robot kept this quiet! Art by John Coulthart.


The Great Game cover art!

Angry Robots have just revealed the cover art for the forthcoming third Bookman Histories novel, The Great Game.

I still can’t believe I got David Frankland as my cover artist. I’ve loved his work for years, and he just does them perfectly!

Anyway, no words necessary. Just… this:

SF Signal Mind Meld, plus Podcast Interview

A couple of things recently – I participate in the latest SF Signal Mind Meld, on women SF writers, where I get to gush a bit about all the writers in the Apex Book of World SF, and talk about the influence of Tiptree (Alice Sheldon) and C.L. Moore on my own work.

And I was interviewed by Mur Lafferty for the Angry Robot podcast – where I ramble on about Camera Obscura¬†and being a secret agent… erm.

New story should be up at Chizine soon. I’ll post as soon as it goes up!