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Sometimes an anthology comes along that is so cool, so out there, you’d spend the remainder of your life regretting not having had a story in it.

Luckily, I did get to contribute a story to Fungi! Published by the Innsmouth Free Press, and edited by Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Orrin Grey, this is an entire anthology dedicated to… fungus. Fungus Fiction? FungalPunk? Fungus Noir? I don’t know, but it’s pretty awesome.  The anthology will be out in both paperback and limited edition hardcover.

Fungi cover by Oliver Wetter

Here is the full list of contributors:

  • Ann K. Schwader, “Cordyceps zombii” (poem)
  • A.C. Wise, “Where Dead Men Go to Dream”
  • Andrew Penn Romine, “Last Bloom on the Sage”
  • Camille Alexa, “His Sweet Truffle of a Girl”
  • Chadwick Ginther, “First They Came for the Pigs”
  • Daniel Mills, “Dust From a Dark Flower”
  • Ian Rogers, “Out of the Blue”
  • Jane Hertenstein, “Wild Mushrooms”
  • Jeff Vandermeer, “Corpse Mouth and Spore Nose”
  • John Langan, “Hyphae”
  • Julio Toro San Martin, “A Monster In The Midst”
  • Kris Reisz, “The Pilgrims of Parthen”
  • Laird Barron, “Gamma”
  • Lavie Tidhar, “The White Hands”
  • Lisa M. Bradley, “The Pearl in the Oyster and the Oyster Under Glass”
  • Molly Tanzer and Jesse Bullington, “Tubby McMungus, Fat From Fungus”
  • Nick Mamatas, “The Shaft Through The Middle of It All”
  • Paul Tremblay, “Our Stories Will Live Forever”
  • Polenth Blake, “Letters to a Fungus”
  • Richard Gavin, “Goatsbride”
  • Simon Strantzas, “Go Home Again”
  • Steve Berman, “Kum, Raúl (The Unknown Terror) – b. 1925, d. 1957”
  • W.H. Pugmire, “Midnight Mushrumps”

The three extra stories included in the hardcover edition are:

  • E. Catherine Tobler, “New Feet Within My Garden Go”
  • J.T. Glover, “The Flaming Exodus of the Greifswald Grimoire”
  • Claude Lalumière, “Big Guy and Little Guy’s Survivalist Adventure”
short stories

The Ramayana Anthology

I’m delighted to be in Breaking the Bow: Speculative Fiction Inspired by the Ramayana. It is edited by Anil Menon and Vandana Singh, and published by Zubaan Books in India. Here’s the cover, and the list of contributors.


Molshree Ambastha Kalyug Amended

Neelanjana Banerjee Exile

Priya Sarukkai Chabria Fragments from The Book of Beauty

Indrapramit Das Sita’s Descent 
Rana Dasgupta The Billionaire’s Sleep
Abha Dawesar The Good King

Sucharita Dutta-Asane Sita to Vaidehi — Another Journey

Lavanya Karthik Day of the Deer
Tabish Khair Weak Heart
Swapna Kishore Regressions

Kuzhali Manickavel  The Ramayana as an American Reality Television Show: Internet Activity Following the Mutilation of Surpanakha
Sharanya Manivannan (Tharini Manivannan) Petrichor

Mary Anne Mohanraj The Princess in the Forest

Shweta Narayan Falling into the Earth
Pratap Reddy Vaidehi and her Earth Mother
Julia A. Rosenthal The Mango Grove
Pervin Saket The Chance
Vandana Singh Oblivion: A Journey
K.Srilata Game of Asylum Seekers (Women)
Aishwarya Subramanian Making
Lavie Tidhar This, Other World
Tori Truslow Machanu Visits The Underworld
Deepak Unnikrishnan Sarama
Abirami Velliangiri Great Disobedience
short stories

“Sleepless in R’lyeh” in Dark Currents

My story “Sleepsless in R’lyeh” – or Sleepless in Seattle meets Cthulhu – will appear in Ian Whates’ Dark Currents anthology from Newcon Press, alongside some very cool people. It will be officially launched at Eastercon in April, but is available to pre-order, in both a signed hardcover edition and in paperback. Here’s the cover and full table of contents:

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction by Ian Whates
2. The Fall of Lady Sealight – Adrian Tchaikovsky
3. The Age of Entitlement – Adam Nevill
4. Electrify Me – Tricia Sullivan
5. Alternate Currents – Rod Rees
6. The Barricade – Nina Allan
7. Things that Are Here Now – Andrew Hook
8. Loose Connections – Finn Clarke
9. Sleepless in R’lyeh – Lavie Tidhar
10. Damnation Seize my Soul – Jan Edwards
11. Home – Emma Coleman
12. A Change in the Weather – Rebecca J Payne
13. Bells Ringing Under the Sea – Sophia McDougall
14. In Tauris – Una McCormack
15. Lost Sheep – Neil Williamson
16. The Bleeding Man – Aliette de Bodard
17. George – V.C. Linde


New interview

The lovely Gabrielle Ganz interviewed me recently, about The Great Game, steampunk, Osama and my favourite poets.

And the very nice (ok, lovely!) people of Pornokitsch have announced their new anthology, Pandemonium: Stories of the Smoke – released in an e-book edition and a hardcover edition limited to just 100 copies (of which over half, I’m told, are already gone!)

The anthology will contain my “Brief History of the Great Pubs of London”, of which the entry below may serve as a sample.

The Crypt, St. Martin’s-in-the-Fields

Not a pub in the traditional sense but we like it, having spent at least one boozy occasion there. Also they serve a mean apple crumble with custard. An 18th century crypt below the church of St. Martin’s-in-the-Fields, it has high stone arcs and a hushed but convivial atmosphere. Rumours that this is where Count Dracula made his abode upon arrival in England on board the Demeter are probably false, though it is worth noting many of the staff are notoriously pale. Vampire aficionados do make pilgrimage to the otherwise quiet cafe, and the use of flash lights, like the carrying of wooden stakes, is discouraged.

short stories

TOC: The Mammoth Book of Steampunk

Sean Wallace has announced the table of contents for The Mammoth Book of Steampunk, coming out next year.

“Steampunk: Looking to the Future through the Lens of the Past” by Ekaterina Sedia (introduction)
“Fixing Hanover” by Jeff VanderMeer
“The Steam Dancer (1896)” by  Caitlin R. Kiernan
“Icebreaker” by  Elise Tobler (original)
“Tom Edison and His Amazing Telegraphic Harpoon” by Jay Lake
“The Zeppelin Conductors’ Society Annual Gentlemen’s Ball” by Genevieve Valentine
“Clockwork Fairies” by Cat Rambo
“The Mechanical Aviary of Emperor Jala-ud-din Muhammed Akbar” by Shweta Narayan
“Prayers of Forges and Furnaces” by Aliette de Bodard (original)
“The Effluent Engine” by N.K. Jemisin
“The Clockwork Goat and the Smokestack Magi” by Peter M Ball
“The Armature of Flight” by Sharon Mock
“The Anachronist’s Cookbook” by Catherynne M. Valente
“Numismatics in the Reigns of Naranh and Viu” by Alex Dally MacFarlane (original)
“Zeppelin City” by Michael Swanwick & Eileen Gunn
“The People’s Machine” by Tobias Buckell
“The Hands That Feed” by Matthew Kressel
“Machine Maid” by Margo Lanagan
“To Follow the Waves” by Amal El-Mohtar
“Clockmaker’s Requiem” by Barth Anderson
“Dr. Lash Remembers” by Jeffrey Ford
“Lady Witherspoon’s Solution” by James Morrow
“Reluctance” by Cherie Priest
“A Serpent in the Gears” by Margaret Ronald
“The Celebrated Carousel of the Margravine of Blois” by Megan Arkenberg
“Biographical Notes To ‘A Discourse On The Nature Of Causality’ by Benjamin Rosenbaum” by Benjamin Rosenbaum
“Clockwork Chickadee” by Mary Robinette Kowal
“Cinderella Suicide” by Samantha Henderson
“Arbeitskraft” by Nick Mamatas (original)
“To Seek Her Fortune” by Nicole Kornher-Stace
“The Ballad of the Last Human” by Lavie Tidhar (original)

short stories

TOC: Solaris Rising

Editor Ian Whates has announced the table of contents for new anthology Solaris Rising: The New Solaris Book of Science Fiction.

  1. “A Smart-Mannered Uprising of the Dead” by Ian McDonald
  2. “The Incredible Exploding Man” by Dave Hutchinson
  3. “Sweet Spots” by Paul di Filippo
  4. “Best SF of the Year Three” by Ken MacLeod
  5. “The One that Got Away” by Tricia Sullivan
  6. “Rock Day” by Stephen Baxter
  7. “Eluna” by Stephen Palmer
  8. “Shall I Tell You the Problem with Time Travel?” by Adam Roberts
  9. “The Lives and Deaths of Che Guevara” by Lavie Tidhar
  10. “Steel Lake” by Jack Skillingstead
  11. “Mooncakes” by Mike Resnick and Laurie Tom
  12. “At Play in The Fields” by Steve Rasnic Tem
  13. “How We Came Back From Mars” by Ian Watson
  14. “You Never Know” by Pat Cadigan
  15. “Yestermorrow” by Richard Salter
  16. “Dreaming Towers, Silent Mansions” by Jaine Fenn
  17. “Eternity’s Children” by Eric Brown and Keith Brooke
  18. “For the Ages” by Alastair Reynolds
  19. “Return of the Mutant Worms” by Peter F. Hamilton