Interview at Audible

Audible – the world’s primary publisher of audio books – have published five of my novels, including all three Bookman Histories¬†novels (The Bookman, Camera Obscura and The Great Game), Osama, and The Tel Aviv Dossier (and also offer the audio edition of my novella An Occupation of Angels, published by Iambic Audio).

They’re currently running a spotlight on me, where I am interviewed on such diverse topics as nazisploitation, poetry and chilli sauce recipes. Check it out!

And so in celebration – not a nazisploitation cover but a spacey one!¬†Caper at Canaveral – the space race as you’ve never seen it!

Cuban commies use the fiery desires of a lush nympho to try to gain American missile secrets!

(via Ian Sales – thanks Ian!)



The Bookman Histories – now in audiobooks!

The full set of the Bookman Histories have now been released in audio book form by Audible.

The Bookman, narrated by Jonathan Keeble, 20 hours, 50 minutes.

Camera Obscura, narrated by Karen Cass, 11 hours, 20 minutes.

The Great Game, narrated by Jonathan Keeble, 10 hours, 22 minutes.