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British Fantasy Award

BFS Award 2012, Best Novella, Gorel & The Pot-Bellied God

I was unable to attend the ceremony but my agent, John Berlyne, delivered a short acceptance speech on my behalf. It is reproduced below:

In 2007 I was living on a remote island in Vanuatu, and had asked people to send me books to read. The writer Mark Samuels was kind enough to send me three books, one of which was C.L. Moore’s classic collection of short stories featuring Northwest Smith and Jirel of Joiry. I had, of course, read them before. But re-reading them, in my bamboo hut in sight of the volcano, reawakened an old love in me. My sincere thanks, therefore, to both C.L. Moore and Mark Samuels.

I’d like to thank Pete Crowther for first taking a chance on Gorel; to Nicky Crowther, Nick Gevers and Mike Smith at PS, and my fantastic cover artist Pedro Marques. Thanks are due, always, to my friend and agent, John Berlyne, for keeping me on the straight and narrow, and to my wife, Elizabeth, for making it all possible.

The novella is my favourite form. It is an honour to be nominated, let alone win, this award. My sincere thanks to the members of the British Fantasy Society for voting Gorel & The Pot-Bellied God onto the shortlist, and to the judges for selecting it.

Thank you.

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Nominated for the British Fantasy Award

Somewhat to my surprise, I discovered last night that I’m nominated for the British Fantasy Award, for Gorel & The Pot-Bellied God for Best Novella.

You can pick up a ridiculously cheap e-book copy for the Kindle, or the pretty hardcover edition!

The full list of nominees is here.

short stories

Gorel rides again!

I received the latest issue of Postscripts, the hardcover anthology series from PS Publishing edited by Peter Crowther and Nick Gevers. It includes the first Gorel of Goliris story, “Black Gods Kiss”, which is Gorel’s second appearance in print, following the stand-alone novella Gorel & The Pot-Bellied God from PS (also available in Kindle edition). “Black Gods Kiss” will be followed by “Buried Eyes” in the next issue of Postscripts, and will also appear in April in audio form in Podcastle.

A hardcover collection containing “Black Gods Kiss” and “Buried Eyes” – together with a brand-new Gorel novella and two other long Gorel stories – and titled Black Gods Kiss – will also be published by PS.

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Black Gods Kiss

I don’t think we ever officially announced it, but I’ve just delivered the manuscript of Black Gods Kiss: A Guns & Sorcery Collection to PS Publishing. Black Gods Kiss is a companion volume to my recently-published PS Publishing novella Gorel & The Pot-Bellied God, and is due to be published in late 2012.

Table of Contents:

1. Black Gods Kiss – 5600
2. Buried Eyes – 9400
3. Kur-a-len – 24000
4. The Dead Leaves – 5900
5. White Queen – 7500

So that’s two stories, two novelettes and a novella, all featuring Gorel of Goliris – and plenty of sex, drugs, guns and sorcery!

The first two stories (“Black Gods Kiss” and “Buried Eyes”) will be published in the next two issues of Postscripts; the others will be original to the collection.

Here’s a little fun extract – the opening paragraphs – from “The Dead Leaves”:

‘I would like you,’ the sorcerer said, ‘to kill a man.’

Gorel of Goliris stared at the sorcerer across the table. There are many questions one can ask in response to such a statement. The amateur might ask, for instance, why? or who? – good questions both, for certain. The amateur might ask, What has he done? or Is he a good man or a bad one? The professional has other, more urgent considerations.

‘How much?’ Gorel said, and the sorcerer smiled, revealing blackened, broken teeth. Gorel hated sorcerers, but this one was, so far, paying for the drinks.