“The Core” in Interzone

My latest Central Station story, “The Core” (completing the arc of previous stories “Strigoi” and “The Bookseller”) is now in Interzone issue #246.

Interzone 246


In the dark of night, Achimwene awakened.

The faint light of Central Station crept into the room through the blinds. It cast a faint glow over the pillow cases and the white crumpled sheet and over the book placed face down on the bedside table beside Achimwene’s side of the bed, a Bill Glimmung mystery, much worn and stained with age.

He turned and reached for the other side of the bed but it was empty. Carmel, again, was gone.

He sat up and turned on the lamp. It cast a small pool of yellow amber light. He picked up the book and stared at it. The bland, handsome face of Bill Glimmung, Martian Detective, stared back at him.

What would Bill Glimmung do, in Achimwene’s place? he thought. He got up and padded downstairs, and opened the refrigerator. It was quiet. He wondered what it felt like to other people, to whole ones. Those who grew up with a node as a part of them, those who were, forever, a part of the Conversation.

Achimwene heard only silence.


Free E-Book: “Strigoi”

I’m taking a break until the new year, but I’m delighted to be able to offer an e-book copy of my novelette, Strigoi, first published in Interzone #242, September 2012, as a free download. My thanks to Andy Cox at Interzone for allowing me to put this up, and to my cover artist, Warwick Fraser-Coombe, for letting me use his illustration of the story from Interzone.


Download free e-book:

“The Indignity of Rain” in Interzone

My latest story, “The Indignity of Rain” – the first, chronologically, of the Central Station stories, is in the latest issue of Interzone.

The smell of rain caught them unprepared. It was spring, there was that smell of jasmine and it mixed with the hum of electric buses and there were solar gilders in the sky, like flocks of birds. Ameliah Ko was doing a Kwasa-Kwasa remix of a Susan Wong cover of Do You Wanna Dance. It had began to rain in silver sheets, almost silently, the rain swallowed the sound of gunshots and it drenched the burning buggie down the street, and the old homeless guy taking a shit by the dumpster, with his grey pants around his ankles, got caught in it, his one roll of toilet paper in his hand, and he cursed but quietly. He was used to the indignity of rain.

Story sale: “The Indignity of Rain” to Interzone

This blog’s a bit quiet recently… I’ve been toying with some political posts but can’t get the energy to write them. I’m mostly working on a novel at the moment (or, well, three, to be honest), so it’s taking up a fair bit of time.

Anyway, one of those novel projects in the “mosaic” novel Central Station, which I talked about a little before.  It’s made up of stories that add up to a unified narrative. Or that’s the idea anyway! The first of those stories to be published was The Smell of Orange Groves in Clarkesworld (and in a couple of the Year’s Bests anthologies), and the second was “Under the Eaves” in Robots: The Recent A.I.

A third one, “The Lord of Discarded Things” is forthcoming in Strange Horizons.

I’m glad to say the fourth to be picked up – but the first of the series, chronologically – “The Indignity of Rain” – has just been picked up by Interzone magazine, possibly for the very next issue. I love Interzone, and I still get a real kick every time I have a story there!

I’m very excited by the Central Station project, which is slowly edging towards completion. Now if only I could do a cook book!