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The Violent Century – Limited Edition

The limited edition of The Violent Century is now available for pre-orders. It is limited to just 200 signed copies, with original artwork by Pedro Marques unique to this edition. It will be launched at World Fantasy Convention in Brighton on Friday 1st November. The cover is quite a statement!

The Violent Century, PS Publishing 2013


Martian Sands!

My new novel, Martian Sands, is now at the printers and available for pre-orders!

Martian Sands

1941: an hour before the attack on Pearl Harbour, a man from the future materialises in President Roosevelt’s office. His offer of military aid may cut the War and its pending atrocities short, and alter the course of the future . . .

The future: welcome to Mars, where the lives of three ordinary people become entwined in one dingy smokesbar the moment an assassin opens fire. The target: the mysterious Bill Glimmung. But is Glimmung even real? The truth might just be found in the remote FDR Mountains, an empty place, apparently of no significance, but where digital intelligences may be about to bring to fruition a long-held dream of the stars . . .

Mixing mystery and science fiction, the Holocaust and the Mars of both Edgar Rice Burroughs and Philip K. Dick, Martian Sands is a story of both the past and future, of hope, and love, and of finding meaning—no matter where—or when—you are.



Free Gorel & The Pot-Bellied God offer from PS Publishing!

PS Publishing have gone a little cuckoo (gaga? woowoo? blergeblergh!) and are offering 100 free copies of my BFS Award winning novella, Gorel & The Pot-Bellied God! All you have to do is buy any book from PS, and you get a hardcover copy of Gorel free.

Of course, this works best if you buy either a copy of Osama or Cloud Permutations from PS! At least, it works best for me

… and I just noticed they’re currently selling the trade hardcover edition of Osama (RRP £20) at only £13!

Yes – they are crazy!



Gorel & The Pot-Bellied God: The e-book!

Gorel & The Pot-Bellied God has just been released in e-book format by PS Publishing. It costs just £1.99! In both mobi or epub formats.

There is only one truth Gorel of Goliris—gunslinger, addict, touched by the Black Kiss—is interested in: finding a way back home, to the great empire from which he had been stolen as a child and from which he had been flung, by sorcery, far across the World. It started out simple: get to Falang-Et, find the mirror, find what truth it may hold. But nothing is simple for Gorel of Goliris…
When Gorel forms an uneasy alliance—and ménage à trois—with an Avian spy and a half-Merlangai thief, things only start to get complicated. Add a murdered merchant, the deadly Mothers of the House of Jade, the rivalry of gods and the machinations of a rising Dark Lord bent on conquest, and things start to get out of hand. Only one thing’s for sure: by the time this is over, there will be blood.

The signed limited edition of Osama is now available!

Osama, released recently by PS Publishing, comes in three states. There’s a kindle edition (or, if you don’t like Amazon, a regular epub edition); there’s a hardcover edition; and then, there’s the super-limited, signed, dust-jacketed edition, which is now available!

It’s a bit pricey, for sure – the kindle edition is just £7.28 (or £6.99 if you buy direct from PS), while the limited edition is £39.99. However, there were only 100 copies produced of the limited edition, all of them signed on a special limitation sheet, and they’re just gorgeous. If you like fine-press books – the high quality paper, the gorgeous design, the very rarity of this book-as-object-d’art (which, yes, I’m a sucker for!), then this edition might be worth checking out. It would also make my publishers happy…

Note that PS also still have the signed, jacketed editions of Cloud Permutations and Gorel & The Pot-Bellied God for sale! Both are also limited to just 100 copies each, and they’re equally gorgeous (and, at £24.99, also cheaper!).

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Black Gods Kiss

I don’t think we ever officially announced it, but I’ve just delivered the manuscript of Black Gods Kiss: A Guns & Sorcery Collection to PS Publishing. Black Gods Kiss is a companion volume to my recently-published PS Publishing novella Gorel & The Pot-Bellied God, and is due to be published in late 2012.

Table of Contents:

1. Black Gods Kiss – 5600
2. Buried Eyes – 9400
3. Kur-a-len – 24000
4. The Dead Leaves – 5900
5. White Queen – 7500

So that’s two stories, two novelettes and a novella, all featuring Gorel of Goliris – and plenty of sex, drugs, guns and sorcery!

The first two stories (“Black Gods Kiss” and “Buried Eyes”) will be published in the next two issues of Postscripts; the others will be original to the collection.

Here’s a little fun extract – the opening paragraphs – from “The Dead Leaves”:

‘I would like you,’ the sorcerer said, ‘to kill a man.’

Gorel of Goliris stared at the sorcerer across the table. There are many questions one can ask in response to such a statement. The amateur might ask, for instance, why? or who? – good questions both, for certain. The amateur might ask, What has he done? or Is he a good man or a bad one? The professional has other, more urgent considerations.

‘How much?’ Gorel said, and the sorcerer smiled, revealing blackened, broken teeth. Gorel hated sorcerers, but this one was, so far, paying for the drinks.