Satan Was a Lesbian!

I took Nir on Monday to one of my favourite shops in Soho – a vintage place – where we came across reproductions of the classic pulp cover for Satan Was a Lesbian (by Fred Haley, 1966).

I talked about my love of pulp fiction before – admittedly, most of it is because of the covers! So having googled the above title, I came across the wonderful Strange Sisters site, an online gallery of similar covers. I highly recommend checking it out. And though some of the covers are better, the one below is one of the funniest…

I did, incidentally, once write a Women-in-Prison story (or rather, an Alien Abduction/Lovecraft/ WIP story) called “The Love-Craft”. It was published in a Postscripts anthology a while back. Great fun. I should try and get it reprinted somewhere! Anyway, I relied on the equally wonderful Women in Prison Encyclopedia, and here are some more book covers courtesy of the WIP Encyclopedia.