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“Murder in the Cathedral” coming to Asimov’s

I forgot to mention this the other day, but my Bookman Histories novelette, “Murder in the Cathedral” will be published in a future issue of Asimov’s magazine.

It tells the never-before-told story of what really happened when Orphan went to France half-way through The Bookman. And begins with Orphan, coming across the Channel by ship, making a new friend…

‘Your name?’ the officer said. Herb was next.

‘Herbert George Wells,’ Herb said.

‘And your profession, monsieur?’

‘I am a writer.’

‘Oh,’ the French officer said, and raised his eyebrows. ‘What do you write, monsieur?’

Herb Blushed. ‘Scientific romance, that sort of thing,’ he mumbled, and Orphan, watching him, almost laughed despite his nervousness. But the French officer’s face lit up at the words. ‘ Roman scientifique?’ he said. ‘But that is marvellous! C’est bon! You are going to la convention du monde?’

‘Yes,’ Herb said, pleased and surprised. ‘You know of it?’

‘Of course!’ The officer reached under his desk and returned with a rather used-looking book. ‘See?’

Orphan craned his neck. It was a copy of Victor Hugo’s classic (for even Orphan had read it as a child), La Créature de la Lagune Noire. ‘Here in France, we honour such writings,’ the officer said, and he rose, and shook Herb’s hand. ‘Welcome, Mr. Wells. Welcome to France!’

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The Bookman in Japan

The Bookman, Japanese edition


Now available for pre-order from Amazon Japan.

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The Bookman Histories: Cover Reveal!

Well the guys at Angry Robot kept this quiet! Art by John Coulthart.


Stranger than Fiction

Via E.J. Swift (whose debut novel, Osiris, you really need to get!) I got this link, uncannily echoing the lizard boys in The Bookman

And if you thought the Bookman itself was far-fetched, it turns out there’s a real-life Bookman in Indonesia, a shadowy assassin who murders people with… yes, boobie-trapped books.

Can’t make this shit up.

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The Bookman Histories – now in audiobooks!

The full set of the Bookman Histories have now been released in audio book form by Audible.

The Bookman, narrated by Jonathan Keeble, 20 hours, 50 minutes.

Camera Obscura, narrated by Karen Cass, 11 hours, 20 minutes.

The Great Game, narrated by Jonathan Keeble, 10 hours, 22 minutes.

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Hayakawa’s Steampunk Issue

This is very cool, though I can’t help shake out Alphaville’s Big in Japan from my head!

Hayakawa, Japan’s premier SF magazine, has recently released a special Steampunk issue, including my Bookman Histories story “The Stoker Memorandum” (which you can read in English, for free, at Daily Science Fiction).

This is my first Japanese publication! And I have to confess I dreamed of being in Hayakawa for years. Many, many thanks to Yoshio Kobayashi for making this possible.


  • The Mad Scientist’s Daughters by Theodora Goss (trans. Junko Suzuki)
  • Reluctance by Cherie Priest (trans. ?)
  • Silver Lining by Tim Pratt (trans. Yoshio Kobayashi)
  • Clockwork Fairies by Cat Rambo (trans. Hiro Takasato)
  • The Stoker Memorandum by Lavie Tidhar (trans. Yoshio Kobayashi)
  • The Age of Miracles, The Age of Wonder by Aliette de Bodard ( (trans. Yoshio Kobayashi)
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The Bookman released in Germany!

I’m delighted to say the German edition of The Bookman is now out! Bookman: Das Ewige Empire 1 (Bookman: The Eternal Empire 1) is now out from my German publishers, Piper Verlag, translated by Michael Koseler.

For German readers, The Bookman is reviewed in The Daily Steampunk by Marcus Rauchfuss, who says: Ein faszinierender, vielschichtiger Steampunkroman, der in keiner Sammlung fehlen sollte. 10 von 10 Zeppelinen.

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Five-book deal to Audible

I’m delighted to announce the audio rights sale of five novels to, the Internet’s largest publisher of audio books. The sale was negotiated by my agents, John Berlyne and John Parker, of the Zeno Literary Agency.

Coming soon to audio, then!

  • The Bookman
  • Camera Obscura
  • The Great Game
  • The Tel Aviv Dossier (with Nir Yaniv)
  • Osama

Very excited about this, obviously!

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Get The Bookman for just 99p!

Angry Robot Books have gone craaaaaazy! You can now get The Bookman for the Kindle for just 99p!

That’s right! 99 pence!

What are you waiting for!

And if that’s not all, you get a set of steak knives absolutely free!!*

Get The Bookman for just 99p now!

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